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How To Dress To Match Your Date

Dressing to match your mate can be difficult for many men who do not have much experience with color coordination, formal wear, or even a collared shirt!

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How To Dress To Match Your Date

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  1. How to Dress to Match Your Date – Prom, Wedding

  2. Dressing to match one's date is perhaps one of the most nuanced attempts a gentleman can make that has the greatest impact during the event proper – be it a high school prom, an extravagant and beautiful wedding, or a romantic and intimate candle-lit dinner.

  3. If a gentleman's date has already purchased their outfit, it can be extremely problematic for many men who are inexperienced in the realm of fashion to co-ordinate a complimentary ensemble. This is particularly true if one's partner is extremely fussy or self-assured in their knowledge of men's fashion!

  4. The first step is to take a long, extensive look at the garment to be worn by your date. Notice the base colours (the most prominent and common colour within the garment) as well as any accent colours (stripes, swirls, geometric shapes or tonal patterns) that are present. Lastly, pay attention to any detailing colours, such as stitching, that may also offset the prom dress.

  5. With these colours in mind, it is nearly always best to either bring the dress of your date with you – or simply a swatch of the fabric – to the menswear store. Look, first, for any matching accent colors – contrary to popular belief it is much more desirable and impressive to match the less prevalent colors in the ladies garment. This is a common mistake made by men and women alike – insisting on the perfect color match is usually unreasonable, untenable, and detrimental in the sense that it often leads to compromise in the form of "just-barely-off" colors that wilt the aesthetic pairing you are directly attempting to achieve!

  6. For example, let us assume that a gentleman's date is wearing a simple black prom dresses 2013 uk with a coral coloured floral pattern. In this case, a black suit with either a coral dress shirt and a black tie, or a white dress shirt with a coral coloured tie (and perhaps an accompanying pocket square) would be most appropriate. The first layout is preferable if an exact match can be made, the second is likely to appear more mature and distinquished – and is likely easier. • In less simple examples, such as a prom date with a beautiful young lady wearing a mauve or lilac prom dress with silver streaks – a silver dress shirt paired with a silver and mauve / purple tie would die nicely.

  7. Gentlemen should also consider purchasing their own outfit, and offer to help their date choose an appropriate dress to match. While this is certainly a much bolder move than is standard, many women appreciate a gent who is not afraid to demonstrate confidence in their own fashion choices – and dream of a man who would go shopping for a stunning evening dress with them and offer helpful, gentle advice.

  8. Keep in mind when choosing ones own colors to be sensitive to their own complexion as well as those of their dates. Fairer skin does well with baby blues, lilac, and generally pastels of all shades – darker complexion is a bit easier to match and can be worn more aggressively – even expanding into neons such as aqual, teal, pink, and green.

  9. Further, black suits are the generally preferred for more formal events, though navy is excellent when worn with denim and brown leather loafers, sans-tie, during dinner engagements. • In modern (arguably, postmodern!) times, men should not feel as if they are simply wall-flowers, arm-candy, or a permanent room fixture who simply happens to be wearing a dress shirt and tie. Instead, have a conversation with your date, floating the idea of choosing your style together and having your date come along for the experience. A great many women truly enjoy fashion – both men's and women's – and appreciate that same interest being displayed by their partners. You may Interested In : Prom Dresses 2013

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