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Target Store Opening

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Target Store Opening. Alex Rodgers, Rebecca Rivers, Jennifer Paul, Brittany Robins, Adam Billet, and Victor Santiago . Agenda. Location Invitations and media Promotional plan Description and theme Staging, A/V, and lighting Staff and volunteers Work -back schedule Food and beverage

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target store opening

Target Store Opening

Alex Rodgers, Rebecca Rivers, Jennifer Paul, Brittany Robins, Adam Billet, and Victor Santiago



Invitations and media

Promotional plan

Description and theme

Staging, A/V, and lighting

Staff and volunteers

Work-back schedule

Food and beverage

Vendors and suppliers


Contract and permits




650 King St, North, Waterloo, Ontario

Central to both universities and the general population of the city

Central location with a large shopping distract that attracts many shoppers from other cities

Offers convenience and familiarity


Target Canada Store Opening

“Expect more. Pay less.”

You’re Invited!

Celebrate the Grand Opening of a Target Canada Store in Waterloo, On.

Take part in the excitement of this great company extending into Canada.

Enjoy a fashion show put on by local children volunteers from the community.

They will be modelling the latest fashions, all of which found at Target.

There will be a section reserved for media as photography is welcomed.

Great photo opportunities to showcase the community!

The opening date will be August 17, 2012.

650 King St. North, Waterloo, ON, N2L 5W6

Please respond by August 12, 2012 to [email protected]

promotional plan
Promotional Plan
  • Invite media
    • Create public awareness
    • Sending email invitations to numerous local media outlets
  • Media advisory
    • Vehicle to encourage the media to attend the event
  • Countdown clock
    • Attract attention to the store and encourage people to shop
  • Flyer
    • Placed in local newspapers – creating awareness
  • Radio advertisement
    • Create a 30 second ad promoting the store opening
    • Using local radio stations – 91.5 The Beat, !05.3 KoolFm, ect.
  • TV advertisement
    • Run 17 commercials on CTV evening news
    • Creating awareness
description and theme
Description and Theme
  • Theme: Back to School
    • August is a big a month for department stores
    • Target suites the needs and wants of different demographics
  • In store events
    • Fashion show
    • Colouring Contest
    • Teacher of the Year Award
    • First 50 customers receive 20% off their purchase
  • The store will have the typical layout in order for easy shopping
    • Clothing department is typically to the right-hand side of the entrance
    • Room will be made for the fashion show
  • Customers will be warmly greeted as they enter the store
    • Employees will also explain the events that will be taking place
    • Available to answer any customer questions
staging a v and lighting
Staging, A/V, and Lighting
  • Store is already equipped with lighting and intercom systems
  • Fashion show will require extra technical attention
    • Using ABC Rentals
    • Require four 4 ft by 8 ft sections to make up the main stage and runway
    • ABC Rentals also provides skirting for the stage
  • The fashion show is to attract attention but not be the main focus
staff and volunteers
Staff and Volunteers
  • Fashion show
    • Gemini Modeling Agency – 2 models from each age group
    • 14 models from 12-5pm including 20% agent fee + GST, model casting, and a pre-show walk through will total $1,500
  • Greeters
    • Two greeters at a time (shift work – 6 hours)
    • Greeters total wages for the day $756
  • Departments
    • 15 extra staff working in the electronics, home, clothing, toys, sports, stationary and grocery departments (shift work - 6hrs)
    • Department employee wages for the day $2, 835
  • Cashiers
    • 4 cashiers working 6am - 2pm shift (10.50 x 8 = 84, 84 x 4 = $336)
    • 6 cashiers working 8am - 4pm shift (10.50 x 8 = 84, 84 x 6 = $504)
    • 4 cashiers working 2pm - 10pm shift (10.50 x 8 = 84, 84 x 4 = $336)
    • 4 cashiers working 4pm - 10pm shift (10.50 x 6 = 63, 63 x 4 = $252)
    • 2 cashiers working 4pm - 12 am shift (10.50 x 8 = 84, 84 x 2 = $168)
    • Cashiers total wages for the day $1, 596
  • Opening day is Saturday, August 17, 2013
  • Perfect timing for back to school shopping
  • Timing of store opening is at a time of heavy traffic into the city
  • University students are coming into the city
  • Store opening at 6 am on a Saturday
    • Allows people who work during the week to participate
contract and permits
Contract and Permits
  • Contracts and permits we will be submitting:
    • Building permit, which will set out standards for the design and construction of buildings to meet objectives such as health, safety, fire protection, shipping and receiving docks as well as accessibility.
    • Local zoning by-law permits as well as other planning controls on buildings
    • Any other application legislation including those that fall under the Environmental Protection Act.
    • Contracts for employees, what the requirements are and how wages will be paid out (i.e. how people can get a raise, take a leave-of-absence, maternity leave etc.)
    • Managerial contracts discussing what the roles and requirements are of each manager on duty
    • Contracts with each supplier outlining how and when supplies will be processed and ordered
    • Contracts with Ontario Hydro for Electrical and Hydro requirements of the store
contracts and permits
Contracts and Permits

The city of Waterloo has set dates on the type of permit and the cut off date for completed submissions. The dates are as follows:

  • success will be attributed to
    • The percentage of sales that were given to charity
    • How much revenue was made throughout the day
    • How many customers were served
  • We will need to know the number of customers served in order to determine the amount of traffic expected for future days
  • We will need to calculate the amount of sales that are given to charity and minus that from our total income accumulated

Thank you!

We welcome any questions that you have at this time.