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Greg Lawson Galleries - Landscape Photography

Greg Lawson Galleries - Landscape Photography

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Greg Lawson Galleries - Landscape Photography

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  2. Greg Lawson began his photography career in New York City at the age of 14. Decades later he is at the forefront of the genre with a worldwide photography collection considered by many to be among the best. His style is always created with the sense of timeless and tasteful realism, giving the owners of his work the feeling of being present with him on location. • Greg Lawson is best known for his landscape photography and wildlife photography, but has a large collection of destination images as well. The Passion for Place Gallery in Sedona, Arizona features his work and has all seven continents of Greg Lawson imagery on the walls at any given time. • Greg Lawson is a completely independent image producer and does not sell his images through any of the large stock photography houses of the world. Greg feels this enables him to keep a tighter control of the usages of his three primary collections: landscape photography, wildlife photography and destination photography. • Greg Lawson’s vast collection of earth images is composed of images created in all camera formats. Large format has been used for landscape photography, with smaller formats used more for wildlife photography, and place-oriented imagery. • Greg Lawson has authored dozens of books about places during the last thirty-five years. Many of his books have been produced in international languages for world-wide distribution. • Media sources acknowledge Greg Lawson photography as follows: • “Greg Lawson is an inspired photographer” - NBC Television, commenting on an Arizona landscape photography collection exhibited in 2010 • “Greg Lawson is the Ansel Adams of color photography” - Morse Press Syndicate said in reviewing a landscape photography collection in 1992 • “Greg Lawson’s photographs are a breathtaking experience . . . he has a knack for being there at just the right time” – Santa Barbara News-Press, commented in reviewing a regional publication in 1982 • Greg Lawson teaches photographers how to hone their vision, improve their techniques, or in the case of experienced photographers, specific methods to reach their publication goal and expansion goals. These classes are held in personal one-on-one sessions in Sedona, Arizona. • Photographers and photography collectors visiting Sedona, Arizona should schedule a visit to the Passion For Place Gallery or its extension, the Zona Sedona Gallery, both which feature Greg Lawson imagery. Many Sedona visitors have exclaimed that their favorite Sedona art galleries are these Greg Lawson galleries, located in the Hillside Sedona Center at 671 State Route 179, in Sedona.

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