High Performance Leaders in Irving Independent School District (IISD)
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Mission and Vision - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High Performance Leaders in Irving Independent School District (IISD) Administrator’s Leadership Conference August 3, 2010. Mission and Vision.

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High Performance Leaders in Irving Independent School District (IISD)Administrator’s Leadership ConferenceAugust 3, 2010

Mission and vision
Mission and Vision District (IISD)

The Irving ISD, in partnership with families and the community, shall meet the educational needs of students by producing engaged learners who are critical thinkers, leaders, and contributors in a technological, diverse, and competitive 21st century world.

The Irving ISD is committed to educational excellence and equity for all students in a multicultural and engaged learning environment.

What we will cover
What We Will Cover District (IISD)

  • Why The Need for High Performance Leaders (HPL)

  • Why You Are Here

  • What I see as a HPL in Irving ISD

  • Expectations For HPL’s in Irving Independent School District

Why the need for high performance leadership hpl
Why The Need for High Performance Leadership (HPL) District (IISD)

High Performance Leaders create the culture of their organization. It is therefore critically important to recruit, train and retain the right kinds of people to lead in our school district. High performance leaders help create high performance systems.

Why you are here
Why You Are Here? District (IISD)

Simply said, if we want to continue to improve Irving ISD, we (I) need to communicate expectations, provide professional learning, develop action goals, achieve results.

  • Communicate Expectations

  • Provide Professional Learning

  • Provide An Opportunity For Us To:

    • Participate

    • Collaborate

    • Increase Achievement/Performance

What is a hpl in iisd
What Is A HPL in IISD? District (IISD)

  • What are the expectations? How is it possible for a leader to live up to the high expectations we (I) are asking for in Irving ISD?

  • The following performance expectations if adopted, performed, and practiced consistently will help Irving ISD achieve a coherent and congruent leadership approach that will deliver high performance and achieve result.

    High Performance Leaders get results!

    Failure Is Not An Option!

I understand and communicate our mission vision and goals
I. Understand and Communicate our Mission, Vision and Goals. District (IISD)

If you are personally grounded in our Mission, you will have clarity of the Vision, you will be sure of your personal values and the behavior we expect of you to reach our Goals.

Ii build capacity
II. Build Capacity District (IISD)

High Performance Leaders develop the skills and talents of those around them. They are capable of leading change and helping others through the change process. They engage in shared decision making with the school community, including staff, students, and parents.

Iii develop systemic solutions systems thinking
III. Develop Systemic Solutions (Systems Thinking) District (IISD)

High Performance Leaders understand the importance of focus and help ensure that all parts of the school community are aware of and in alignment with the District’s and school’s efforts to improve student learning. They understand that all parts of the school and school district system are interconnected and that it is critical to align school goals with district and state standards and goals.

Iv perform needs assessments to guide actions that improve performance
IV. Perform Needs Assessments to Guide Actions that Improve Performance

High Performance Leaders use analysis of best practices in education, society, and the country in order to be proactive and responsive in changing our schools for the better.

V analyze data
V. Analyze Data Performance

Stephen R. Covey in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People reminds us, “To begin with the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination.

It means to know where you’re going so that you better understand where you are now so that the steps you take are always in the right direction.”

High Performance Leaders lead their school/department through the process of identifying improvement goals and objectives in alignment with district and state standards,

Vi plan course for action
VI. Plan Course for Action Performance

Even clearly stated curricular goals will lose their potential to drive the efforts of improvement if no effort is made to collect and analyze accurate information about student learning and achievement that is reflective of those goals. In most organizations, what gets monitored gets done. Staff learn what leaders value by observing what they pay attention to.

High Performance Leaders pay attention to the core values and priority goals.

Vii make sound and appropriate decisions
VII. Make Sound and Appropriate Decisions Performance

High Performance Leaders are models of ethical and moral leadership. They project integrity by promoting and supporting an environment where students and school staff are always trying to do "what’s right."

They demonstrate courage in difficult situations, and provide a model of moral leadership for others to emulate.

Leaders with integrity are focused and purposeful, and are always attentive to being consistent with what they say and what they do.

Viii achieve results
VIII. Achieve Results Performance

High Performance Leaders set high standards and strengthen instructional programs that improve student learning and achievement. Develop and support systems to assist all in meeting performance goals. They set the tone for conversations about teaching and learning, and draw in all members of the school community to support and produce improvements.

HPL’s improve student learning, achievement and staff performance.

Ix collaborate
IX. Collaborate Performance

High Performance Leaders create an environment where teachers and administrators work together, in small groups and school-wide, to identify sources of success and challenges.

They struggle collectively to implement improvements for all.

X assess performance results and begin again
X. Assess Performance Results and Begin Again Performance

High Performance Leaders assess their school/department and individual performance regularly using benchmarks and metrics to determine the success.

Adjustments are made during and after to promote continuous improvement and increased success.

Good to great
Good To Great Performance

High Performance Leaders create that one degreeof difference that will move their organization from “Good” to “GREAT”.

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