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Master of Science at AAUE Industrial Biotechnolo gy - Bioenergy, Biorefinering, and Green Engineering Place: Esbjerg Institute of Technolog y Aalborg University, Denmark Duration: 2 year programme beginning each year 1 st of September.

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Master of Science at AAUE Industrial Biotechnology - Bioenergy, Biorefinering, and Green EngineeringPlace:Esbjerg Institute of TechnologyAalborg University, DenmarkDuration:2 year programmebeginning each year 1st of September

At AAUE – The 2 years Industrial Biotechnology Master programmecontributeto meet the challenges of this paradigm change through two major issues:

“Green engineering” is a new curriculum, a toolbox for a sustainable technology development, design, commercialization, and use of simple and robust processes/productsminimizing all risks to human health and to the environment.

The “green biorefinery” concept models and adapts natural equilibria with high efficiency, integration of diverse types of conversion processes, mainly bio-conversion, solely based on renewable feedstocks in order to save energy, omit emissions and wastes, and in order to maximize the benefits from a broad range of products and solutions for every community scale: local, regional, global.

Vision and mission

We prepare young people to create and maintain sustainable engineering solutions for thedevelopment of all kind and levels of societal activities. We are giving deeper insight in the value chain of how to convert all kinds of biomasses originating from photosynthesis into food, feed, fuels, and fine chemicals.

If we are to meet the climate and environmental challenges of our time, a paradigm change is called for, shifting the focus from centralised utilisation of fossil resources to environmentally friendly decentralised utilisation of renewable resources. For this we have to do two jobs:

Educate competent, creative and concerned engineers who are trained to work in inter-disciplinary groups with focus on awareness of the responsibility for a global as well as regional sustainable development

Develop and adapt knowledge for new green technical solutions. Highly integrated, simple, and robust solutions of small and medium sized scale biotechnological systems.

Job opportunities

The career opportunities are very positive and open in the international bioengineering sectors. In the coming decades there will be a huge demand of green engineers in the growing bioenergy sector world-wide. Bioenergy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy platform covering biomass conversion to gaseous, liquid, and solid biofuels. Biotechnology engineers are as well of high values in the food, feed and pharmaceutical sectors, in Denmark and internationally.

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Contact persons:Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen: [email protected] or Jens Born: [email protected]