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smoking kills n.
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Smoking Kills

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Smoking Kills
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Smoking Kills

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  1. Conner Bryant Smoking Kills

  2. Origin • The ad was published and found on Liz’s blog. • The picture is shown with cigarettes replacing bullets in the gun, symbolizing how you kill yourself when your smoking. Reasons and facts on smoking are listed on the left hand margin.

  3. What is the purpose of thead? • The purpose behind this ad is to help show how smoking can lead to death and disease.

  4. Who is the intended audience? • The intended audience is any viewer who has smoked or has thought about smoking to help them steer away from the destructive decisions that come with smoking.

  5. Why are the hands so large? • The hands are set large in the picture to show the focus more towards the image of the hands and gun instead of the text, this shows what the conclusion of smoking can be like.

  6. Why’s the backgroundblack? • The background is black to make the hands and text stand out in the photo. The bright words and illuminated hands show up and catch the viewers eye

  7. How does the ad change with a different color? • When the ad has no color it does not appeal to the viewers as when the bright mingled with dark colors do. The faded colors seem less able to get the point across.

  8. Ethos- ethical appeal • When people see guns they know that it can symbolize death. When cigarettes are used as bullets in the image it brings to mind that the cigarettes kill just like bullets do.

  9. Logos- logical appeal • When you smoke you know that there are very deadly toxins running through your veins. Smoking does kill and its obvious that it should be stopped before its started.

  10. Pathos- emotional appeal • Smoking kills thousands, even millions of people each year. People who lose family members, friends can relate to this image.

  11. Works cited • Liz’ blog, “Smoking Kills” blogspot. blogspot, 11 April 2011. Web. 9 Nov. 2011.