iso 9001 2008 n.
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ISO 9001: 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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ISO 9001: 2008

ISO 9001: 2008

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ISO 9001: 2008

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  1. Managers’ Monthly Meeting F-707 Woodland, CA February, 2012 ISO 9001: 2008

  2. Monthly Meeting Review Previous Meeting Minutes / Actions Internal and External Audits Customer Feedback Supplier Performance Issues Measurable Objectives Key Performance Indicators Incident Reports Preventive & Corrective Actions Training / Resource Requirements Changes to Quality Management System Recommendations for Improvements Next Meeting

  3. Forklift ‘Train the Trainer’ Certification Training - Mark Bermudez has completed the ‘train the trainer’ class - Mark is now the class instructor for #707 Follow up from the 12/30/11 Meeting

  4. Housekeeping Items • We conducted a fire drill this month. Response time for this drill was 02:52. • All associates assembled @ pre-designated area across the street. • During this drill, I observed • several associates whistling & • yelling to help raise awareness.

  5. No External Audits conducted in Feb-2012. Internal Audit was performed by Don Porter Feb 15th & 16th 2012 Internal and External Audits

  6. Internal and External Audits Internal Audit Results Two Minor Non-Conformities were observed during the audit Monthly Inspection forms utilized for maintaining equipment within the plant are not the current controlled versions for nine machines out of twenty five located within the plant. Although every job folder reviewed for compliance contained all of the required documentation, we need to revisit how much information is being provided on form FFF 7.2-02. This document is intended to clearly identify all of the specific requirements related to each project but is not being utilized completely. The section titled "Fabrication Requirements“ is not being completed.

  7. Internal and External Audits Internal Audit Results 5 opportunities for improvement were given during the audit Currently not utilizing “multi part” tags Inconsistent with obtaining purchase order numbers Not identifying thread gauges appropriately Some outdated documents remain in activity binder Local Management not participating in daily QC inspections.

  8. Customer Feedback • Zoomerang • HQ national survey through • What are we doing locally…?

  9. Customer Feedback • Shon Logan is sending out customer feedback forms quarterly and maintaining them. Recent Customer comments include: • “Each branch is always there to help with our needs” (Joel Myers @ Accurate Fire) • “Woodland customer service is excellent. North highlands needs to put our job names correctly on our invoices” (Don and Fritz @ Du-Mor Fire) • “Always a pleasure dealing with all the staff” (Jim Rios @ Precision Fire)


  11. Our current measurable Objectives includes the following… BPR(Branch Process Review) 6-Pak Fabrication Efficiency(Thread & Weld) Credit Memos Incident Reporting Measurable Objectives

  12. The goal of the Branch Process Review (BPR) is to identify areas of strength and areas in need of improvement at the branch. This helps ensure we provide the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE! The BPR indicators and scoring support FEI’s corporate initiatives and goals, such as improved customer loyalty and satisfaction. The BPR compares actual main branch and branch performance against goals set for 53 indicators. These goals and measurements are reviewed and adjusted each year. Each indicator lists the basic facts: why and how it is measured, whether it is scored locally or nationally, goals, and how many points are earned depending on the achieved threshold. Included are recommendations on problem solving and improving performance. Measurable ObjectivesBPR (BRANCH PROCESS REVIEW)

  13. BPR Status as of Feb-12 94.2% National (131.8 out of 140.0) Measurable Objectives BPR (BRANCH PROCESS REVIEW) Target Goal = 90.0% National

  14. Measurable Objectives BPR (BRANCH PROCESS REVIEW)

  15. The 6 PAK report represents the ‘extreme of the extreme’ from an excess inventory definition.   This report focuses on the following materials:   Specials (SP) – SP/SP- products (less committed quantity)  uncommitted inventory Temps (T) – (on hand minus any committed quantity)uncommitted inventory D Ranked – (on hand minus any committed quantity) uncommitted inventory Surplus (S) – the excess quantity is determined by quantity above 8 months demand. No Value ( NQ) – the excess quantity is determined by quantity above 12 months demand Measurable Objectives 6-Pak

  16. 6-Pak Status as of Feb-12 (EOM) 7.1% $41,743.64 ($586,513.00) Measurable Objectives6-Pak Target Goal = 4.5% of Total Inventory $

  17. Measurable Objectives6-Pak

  18. Measurable Objectives6-Pak Top 10 6-Pak items for F-0707 Woodland, CA

  19. Measurable ObjectivesFabrication Efficiency

  20. Measurable ObjectivesCredit Memos Total Credits for February 2012 = 8

  21. Measurable ObjectivesCredit Memos

  22. Measurable ObjectivesCredit Memos

  23. Measurable ObjectivesCredit Memos

  24. A word about “KPI’s” Data we look at daily/monthly that help us run the business… Financial Statements BPR Daily Sales Report

  25. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORSSafety • No Accidents or Injuries to report in Feb-12 • No Vehicular Accidents or Injuries to report in Feb-12

  26. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORSBranch Sales * Feb-12 results are Post-Audit

  27. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORSCounter & Direct Sales

  28. 2011 YTD Total Sales vs. 2012 YTD Total Sales

  29. 2011 YTD Gross Profit Marginsvs. 2012 YTD Gross Profit Margins






  35. Incident Reports A total of 7 Customer incidents for February 2012

  36. Incident Reports Total of 2 Internal Incidents for February 2012

  37. Incident Reports A total of 3 supplier incidents for February 2012

  38. Preventative Actions • Credit Memos will not be approved if the Reason Code indicates ‘Our Fault’ without an assigned Incident # (added as a C* comment) ($500.00 or greater)

  39. Corrective Actions • FF&F has standardized on a PowerPoint Template (As demonstrated during this meeting) for MMRs moving forward.

  40. Training & Resource Requirements • Jeff Turner to start utilizing up to date and controlled forms for • monthly machine inspections. • Mark Bermudez to start writing • ‘per NFPA 13’ on job cover sheets. • This practice will help minimize • discrepancies in fabrication • requirements.

  41. Opportunities for Improvement • Suggestion Box • One Preventative Action every calendar year • Credit Memos will not be approved if the Reason Code indicates ‘Our Fault’ without an assigned Incident # (added as a C* comment)

  42. Changes to Quality Management System • No changes at this time…

  43. Discussion Topics • Training or Resource Needs? • Other Assistance?

  44. Any questions or concerns about February MMR? Any suggestions or recommendations for March MMR? Thank you!  Wrap Up Items