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Sea Monsters Mysteries Fact Tracker. Author and Illustrator. This book was written by Mary Pope Osborne and was illustrated by Natalie Pope Boyce. Genre. This book is full of interesting facts, t hat is why it is an informational non-fiction book. Recommendations.

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Author and illustrator
Author and Illustrator

This book was written by Mary Pope Osborne and was illustrated by Natalie Pope Boyce.


This book is full of interesting facts, that is why it is an informational non-fiction book.


This book would be a good reference when researching ocean life. This book would be very easy and appropriate to read for around six years old above.


This book is about the great mysteries of deep sea ocean life. It tells a lot about rare marine life that is normally mistaken for sea monsters. For example, there is one story in this book that tells about how a sailor in the early eighteen-hundred’s had mistaken the very rare “colossal squid”, named for it’s size, for the man-eating Kraken when the squid had started to pull on the boat while probably thinking that it was prey. That is just one prime example of how this book is filled with great examples and thoroughly placed facts. This book also tells how our knowledge of the ocean has become stronger with each series of new findings. These findings are explained in the book. A peculiar thing that caught my attention was how much detail was in the section based on facts and findings from “prehistoric seas”. The reason why the section is peculiar is because of the images that it brings to mind. When you read this book it feels like you have been transported to another world full of amazements and amusements. To get the full experience. Just read it!

Question and answers
Question and answers

  • What career field/profession might need/use this knowledge? Why?

  • A deep sea explorer might use this knowledge when researching the histories of a certain type of marine life/species.

Question and answers 2
Question and answers 2

  • What is something new you learned from reading this book?

  • Something new that I learned when reading this book was that even today scientists still do not have a very clear understanding of what is hidden underwater.