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HazCollect System NOAA National Weather Service PowerPoint Presentation
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HazCollect System NOAA National Weather Service

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HazCollect System NOAA National Weather Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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December 2004. HazCollect System NOAA National Weather Service. HazCollect Key Representatives. Lawrence Lehmann, Program Manager Jon Adkins, Lead Engineer Herb White, Operations Policy. HazCollect Project.

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HazCollect System NOAA National Weather Service

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. December 2004 HazCollect SystemNOAANational Weather Service

    2. HazCollect Key Representatives Lawrence Lehmann, Program Manager Jon Adkins, Lead Engineer Herb White, Operations Policy

    3. HazCollect Project Develop a system that allows approved and authenticated external emergency managers at the Federal State and local levels to submit messages for broadcast over NOAA Weather Radio (NWR)* for the purpose of warning or informing the public. Develop a nationwide capability to streamline the current manual creation, authentication, and collection of all types of non-weather emergency messages in a quick and secure fashion for subsequent alert, warning and notification purposes. * expanded to include NNWS and NWS Gateway driven dissemination systems

    4. Current System Shortfalls for Transmitting Non-Weather Messages • Not adapted to National warnings • Manual Security and Authentication process • Time consuming • Error Prone • Requires significant WFO staff intervention

    5. HazCollect Overview All Hazards Emergency Messages To Re-distributors & Public Consumers NWEM (CEM) Format NWEM (CEM)Format CAP Format EMWIN other Other EM Interfaces NWS Telecom Gateway(TG) NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS) Other EM Systems (, State EMAs, etc.) Emergency Managers EAS Future WFO AWIPS WFO AWIPS Internet HazCollect DMIS AWIPS DMIS EM Toolkit NOAA WEATHER RADIO NWS WFOs NWS FEMA Dialup Emergency Managers Backup Process (Voice Phone)

    6. HazCollect Components DMIS Server Receives EM Input Validates EM Credentials (authenticate and authorize) Generates CAP Message Sends CAP Message to HazCollect HazCollect Server Receives CAP Message Builds WMO/NWEM Message(s) Transmits WMO/NWEM to NCF NCF Disseminates to AWIPS Node(s) Transmits WMO/NWEM to TG TG Disseminates to NWS Consumers AWIPS Receives WMO/NWEM Transmits WMO/NWEM to NWWS Uplink Converts WMO/NWEM to NWR broadcast format Conversion Done with CAFÉ Formatter Transfers to CRS CRS sends to NWR for broadcast

    7. CAP to NWEM Transformation Event Info FIPS/Zone Info WFO Info CAP NWEM WMO Header <sent> AWIPS ID <status> UGC Geo Identifier <operator ID> UGC Purge Time <event type> MND Broadcast Instr. <language> Product Name <event code> NWS issuing Office <expir. date/time> Issuance Time/Date <sender name> Information Source <description> Message Content <geocode> or <polygon> Name ID

    8. Example Messages <alert> <identifier>A12345</identifier> <sender></sender> <sent>2004-08-30T09:37:00</sent> <status>Actual</status> <msgType>Alert</msgType> <scope>Public</scope> <source>RFD</source> </alert> <info> <event>EVACUATION IMMEDIATE</event> <urgency>Immediate</urgency> <severity>Severity</severity> <certainty>Very Likely</certainty> <senderName>Wakefield Fire Department</senderName> <eventCode>same=EVI</eventCode> <expires>2004-08-31T12:00:00</expires> <description>AN IMMEDIATE EVACUATION IS REQUIRED FOR... </description> </info> <area> <areaDesc>5 Mi Radius 20 mi NNE of Wakefield VA</areaDesc> <geocode>fips=51017, fips=51019, fips=51027 </geocode> </area> WOUS41 KAKQ 301337 EVIAKQ VAC017-019-027-302000 BULLETIN – EAS ACTIVATION REQUESTED EVACUATION IMMEDIATE WAKEFIELD VA FIRE DEPARTMENT RELAYED BY NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE WAKEFIELD VA 937 AM EDT THU AUG 30 2004 THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE IS TRANSMITTED AT THE REQUEST OF THE WAKEFIELD, VA FIRE DEPARTMENT AN IMMEDIATE EVACUATION IS REQUIRED FOR... $$ RFD OASIS CAP Message WMO NWEM Message

    9. HazCollect Schedule Phase ILimited Production System (LPS) Demonstrate the HazCollect functionality to send (at least) one message completely through the system. Demo Test – 2/05 Phase II Initial Operational Capability (IOC) Full capability to send any product or products to meet the functional requirements in the Functional Requirements Document. Development Test & Evaluation (DT&E) – 6/05 Phase IIIFinal Operational Capability (FOC) Final software/hardware plus fixes identified in Phase I and II. Formal testing all products created and disseminated. DT&E – 7/05 Operational Acceptance Test – 8/05 Deployment National System Capability Deployed – Winter 05/06

    10. HazCollect Development Players Organizations/Contractors identified to develop the HazCollect system through the phases.. Battelle: Develop the HazCollect Central Server (HCS) to interface with the DMIS system and AWIPS infrastructure. Responsible for verifying DMIS meets the HazCollect security requirements of Authentication and Authorization. Will provide O&M support. FSL: Develop and modify AWIPS code to ensure automatic dissemination of NWEM through the AWIPS existing dissemination system. NGIT: Ensures the AWIPS infrastructure i.e. Network Control Facility (NCF) system interfaces with the HCS.Develop any changes to the NCF to ensure full system integration of the HCS. Integration testing and technical support. NWS Gateway: HazCollect Location and Operations Support NWS: Program Management/System Engineering Center

    11. HazCollectBackup Slides

    12. Concepts of Operations

    13. HazCollect System Data Flow Product Consumers Broadcast CRS/NWR TG NWWS NWEM Config EMInputs WMO/ NWEM Message DMIS WFO AWIPS HazCollect Server AWIPS NCF WMO/ NWEM Message WMO/ NWEM Message AFOS Message CAP Message WFOInfo DMIS System Data NWEM Config FIPS/ Zone Info DMIS User Account AWIPS System Data NWEM Info Auxiliary Data HazCollect Components Dissemination Systems Messages

    14. HazCollect Messages OASIS CAP Message Common Alerting Protocol Emergency Management Message Format XML Based, Required and Optional Fields WMO/NWEM Message Non-Weather Emergency Message Standard NWS Product Format WMO Format Header, AWIPS Product Header AFOS Message (NWR format) Voice Ready CRS Format