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Roulin Khondoker The Team

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Roulin Khondoker The Team

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  1. Isotopic and Element Characterisation of Potential Sources of Aerosols entering the South Atlantic Ocean Roulin Khondoker The Team Dominik Weiss, Tina van de Flierdt, Mark Rehkamper, Alex Baker, Rosie Chance

  2. PhD Project PhD • The Importance of Anthropogenic Vs. Natural Sources of Aerosols into the South Atlantic Ocean (SAO) PhD Aims • Characterise key aerosol sources in South America and Southern Africa • Characterise aerosols collected from D357 and JC068 cruises • Make interpretations on anthropogenic vs. natural trace metal aerosol sources in the South Atlantic Ocean

  3. Outline of Talk • Aims & Objectives • Materials & Methods • Results • Conclusions

  4. Aims & Objectives Aims Characterise the major ion, trace metal and REEs concentration and isotopic ratios (of Pb, Nd and Zn) of potential sources of aerosols entering the SAO and identify characteristic sources for the proxies Objectives • Identify important emission regions that transport aerosols to the SAO • Collect data and samples of potential sources of these emissions • Create a database of Pb, Nd and Zn isotope data and element data of these sources • Identify anthropogenic vs. natural sources

  5. Types of Sources

  6. Important Emissions Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro Namibia Andes South Africa Buenos Aires Patagonia

  7. Sample Collection

  8. Sample Collection • Collected and analysed/will analyse for : - • Total concentration of major ions (Al, Ca, Fe, K, Mg, Na) on ICP-AES • Total concentration of trace metals and REEs (Cu, Co, La, Mn, Nd, Ni, Pb, Sn, Zn, Y) on ICP-MS • Pb, Nd and Zn isotopic ratios on MC-ICP-MS • Pb & Nd data collected, but limited Zn data for Southern Africa sources (anthropogenic and natural) • Important to collect more samples from at least Southern Africa

  9. Source Database Multielement Concentration Database Pb, Nd, Zn Isotopic Ratio Database

  10. Source Characterisation: Pb

  11. Source Characterisation: Pb

  12. Source Characterisation: Pb Southern Africa South America

  13. Source Characterisation: Nd South America Buenos Aires Urban Aerosol Natural Aerosol Patagonia Southern Africa Natural Aerosol Johannesburg Urban Aerosol

  14. Source Characterisation: Zn 2σ Igneous Anthropogenic Industrial Emission Urban Aerosol Volcanic Material δ66/64ZnLyon (‰) F Larner, M Rehkamper (2012) Evaluation of Stable Isotope Tracing for ZnONanomaterials New Constraints from High Precision Isotope Analyses and Modeling

  15. Conclusion • Anthropogenic Vs. Natural sources between South America and Southern Africa can be characterised using Pb isotopic ratios • Anthropogenic sources between South America and Southern Africa can be characterised by Nd isotopic ratios • Possibly, natural sources between South America and Southern Africa can be characterised by Nd isotopic ratios • Zn identifies some variation between anthropogenic vs. natural sources but unable to distinguish between region of origin yet as dataset is limited • Further work to be carried out to be able to use multielement data to characterise sources

  16. Thank you