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Back-to-School Night

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Back-to-School Night. 2013-2014 Mrs. Strathman. Welcome to 2S!. Room W123. Second Grade. Mrs. Strathman. Characteristics of a 2 nd Grader. This year your child will:. Experience a tremendous growth in confidence

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back to school night



Mrs. Strathman

welcome to 2s
Welcome to 2S!

Room W123

Second Grade

Mrs. Strathman

characteristics of a 2 nd grader
Characteristics of a 2nd Grader

This year your child will:

  • Experience a tremendous growth in confidence
  • Transition from being your “shadow” to independent individual
  • Still seek adult approval, particularly yours
  • Begin to be influenced by peer approval

About Mrs. Strathman

  • Education
  • Teaching Experience
  • Family
  • Philosophy


  • I received my Master of Arts in Teaching Degree from Webster University in 2010.
  • I received my Bachelors’ Degrees from

Kansas State University in 1997.

*Dual degrees in Elementary Education and Early

Childhood Education.


Teaching Experiences

  • This is my 17th year teaching, with 5 years of experience in kindergarten, 8 years in first grade, and now my 4th year in second grade.
  • I have 10 years of experience in public school, including 8 in the Shawnee Mission School District.
  • I also taught for 5 years at Ascension Catholic School in Overland Park.
  • I am very excited to be teaching in

a Catholic school!

  • Married to Eric for 12 years and a parishioner since 1999
  • Children:
      • Allison - 11 (6th gr.)
      • Kristen - 9 (4th gr.)
      • Erica - 5 (Kindergarten!)

My Philosophy

  • Every Child Can Learn
  • 2nd Grade Mission Statement

Every Child Can Learn

In His creation of each individual, God bestows the capacity to learn and grow by the bounty of His gifts.


2nd Grade Mission Statement

We come each morning to Holy Trinity School to do the work of God. For the second graders in our classrooms, that work is to:

  • Dothe best that you are able with the gifts given to you by God the Father;
  • Follow the example of love and forgiveness by God the Son;
  • Learnto become more responsible for your own actions with the guidance of God the Holy Spirit.
a peek at our year
A Peek at Our Year
  • Religion
  • Reading
  • Language Arts
  • Spelling
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Handwriting
  • Mass every Thursday or Friday
  • One chapter per week completed
  • First Reconciliation and First Eucharist meetings and the reception of the sacraments
  • Forgiveness Day and Jesus Day in

celebration of receiving

the sacraments

  • Instruction in a variety of settings with

a 90 minute block for reading/language arts and the

Common Core English Language Arts curriculum implemented.

  • Daily reinforcement of skills
  • Reading Street- weekly and unit assessments online
  • Star Reading-AR (Accelerated Reading) scores assessed quarterly
  • Students expected to read silently at home for 15 minutes DAILY
  • Students required to take and pass tests (at their level). More information coming home soon!
  • Focus groups will be held 4 days/week.
language arts
Language Arts


  • L-Listthe parts (the word and definition)
  • I- Identify a reminding word
  • N- Note a linking story (sentence)
  • C- Create a linking picture
  • S- Self-test

Step Up To Writing model:

  • First half of year- working towards writing in complete sentences
  • Second half of year- working towards composing a paragraph using a main idea and 3-5 detail sentences
  • The weekly spelling words come directly from our reading series.
  • Spelling test will usually be on Friday.
  • Please watch for words in the Assignment Notebook.
  • Hands-on approach with problem solving/critical thinking emphasis and implementation of the Common Core Math curriculum
  • One hour of core math instruction daily
  • Math Focus Group time – 4 times a week for 30 minutes
  • Star Math assessments, Accelerated Math, and the ALEKS quick tables will be implemented
  • Memorization of basic addition and subtraction facts through sums of 20 is required.
  • Physical science, life science and earth science.
  • Hands-on approach employing video, computer, and written resources
  • Field trips to be announced
  • Outcomes integrated through the Common Core
social studies
Social Studies
  • Government, economics, geography, history, and culture
  • Variety of media and resources used
  • Participation in D.A.R.E. and Junior Achievement.
  • Field trips: Taken within local community to learn about pioneer life
  • Outcomes integrated through the Common Core
  • Manuscript only for now
  • Cursive will start after manuscript review
  • No head start on cursive!
  • By the end of second grade:
    • Name regularly in cursive
    • Designated assignments in cursive.
  • If an unavoidable family circumstance prohibits the completion of homework, please indicate such on that day’s page of the assignment notebook.
  • Your child’s extracurricular activities are not considered unavoidable family circumstances, nor are the practices, games, and activities of your other children.
  • Homework will be assigned daily with the exception of Family, Faith, and Fun nights and on nights when sacramental

preparation meetings occur.



  • Peaceful Community
  • Praising People
  • Giving Up Put Downs
  • Seeking Wise People
  • Noticing Hurts
  • Righting Wrongs
  • Helping Others
positive behavior support system
Positive Behavior Support System:

“Keys to the Kingdom”







Disciples of Christ

Praise Notes

  • Treats welcome for sharing.
  • Individual treats (should not need to be cut) work best.
  • Double check with me so we don’t have double treats on the same day!
  • No peanut or peanut products please!
  • A birthday “friend” and a no homework pass for the evening will come home with your child!
final notes
Final Notes
  • Not all concerns/questions were addressed so please see the additional handouts and look for “Curriculum Corner” and “Routine Review” in our upcoming newsletters!
  • Please complete and return two forms:
      • “Tell Me About Your Child”
      • “Volunteer Opportunities in 2S”

Please contact me by email with routine questions or information to share at This is the most accessible form of communication for me . If you need to share confidential information or concerns, please email me that you would like to talk and I will call you. You can also call the school office and you will be directed to my voice mail.