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UK Energy Club

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UK Energy Club
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UK Energy Club

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  1. UK Energy Club Educating the Student Body and Public on all things ENERGY

  2. What is energy club? • The Energy Club is a student run, non-profit organization sponsored by the Department of Energy. • Our aim is to educate the student body and public on the energy issues of today. • By hosting events, seminars, lectures and industry tours, we promote energy awareness which leads to collaboration for servicing the community. • All university students, faculty and staff are invited to get involved!

  3. About us… In January of 2011, the Kentucky Energy Club (KYEC) was created as the product of a grant by the U.S. Department of Energy. Advised by employees of the Center for Applied Energy  Research (CAER), the KYEC started its first chapter at the University of Kentucky in hopes of modeling the club at MIT. With the initiative of several students, the UK Chapter first began that spring semester by hosting an Energy 101 lecture series on campus. As word traveled, students and faculty across the university gained interest and insight in energy issues, especially with Kentucky being such a large producer of coal-fire generated power. As membership grows, the UK Chapter prepares to expand its goals to educate and have a say in the future of the energy of the State.

  4. energy issues? Energy issues are not just problems for power plants anymore–they affect everyone. As we enter the world’s Energy Race, the public gets more exposure to more effects each day: - Homeowners suffer from rising utility bills.- Japan has a nuclear meltdown at Fukushima.- Media covers national security due to foreign oil dependence.- Activists promote sustainability to save the environment. - Architects have to consider the LEED functions of their building designs.- Government officials have to create energy policies to satisfy constituents as well as State needs. What people act on is what they know, and the Energy Club is here to educate the masses and to promote their voices. In Kentucky, we have many associate institutions and organizations which can lead you to where your ideals may lie.

  5. Who can join? Membership is open to any UK student, faculty or staff across campus, so long as they are interested in energy and want to get involved! We meet every Tuesday from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm in RGAN 202.

  6. Upcoming events & Projects • Tour of the PV system on the roof of the Marksberry building • Tour of the hydro generating plant on the KY river (Lock 7) – requires a hike! • Tour of a coal-fired power plant • Tour of a grist mill with hydro power • Renewable energy workshop:   Friday, March 14, 8:00 to noon Marriott Griffin Gate ($5) • Project:  Build a bus stop on campus with PV roof – with the UK College of Design • Project:  Renewable powered, cellular phone re-charging station on the UK campus