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UK Alumni Club Expectations and Support

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UK Alumni Club Expectations and Support - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UK Alumni Club Expectations and Support. Alumni Club Leadership Training Conference Friday, September 10, 2010 King Alumni House Lexington, KY. UK Alumni Association Vision and Mission.

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uk alumni club expectations and support

UK Alumni Club Expectations and Support

Alumni Club Leadership Training Conference

Friday, September 10, 2010

King Alumni House

Lexington, KY

uk alumni association vision and mission
UK Alumni Association Vision and Mission
  • Vision – The UK Alumni Association will be an essential, relevant and valuable resource to alumni, friends and the university.
  • Mission – The UK Alumni Association fosters lifelong engagement among alumni, friends and the association and supports the mission and goals of the university.
general purpose of alumni clubs
General Purpose of Alumni Clubs
  • To provide a social atmosphere where alumni and friends away from the university can gather together to renew old acquaintances, make new UK friends in their community and be brought up to date on all aspects of campus progress (programs, students, faculty, athletics, fundraising, etc.)
  • Those who attend club events should leave with a better knowledge of UK enhanced by renewed pride and interest to support the association’s commitment to the University of Kentucky.
expectations to be an official uk alumni club
Expectations to be an Official UK Alumni Club
  • Alumni Gathering (non-athletic) that engages and connects alumni such as a picnic, holiday party, Derby Party, scholarship dinner, cultural performance, career development workshop, professional development workshop, golf outing, etc.
    • Alumni clubs who have one annual event fitting in the category above will continue to remain an active UK Alumni Club.
encouraged activities
Encouraged Activities
  • These activities are encouraged for clubs who wish to be eligible for awards or athletic tickets:
    • Scholarship award ($500 minimum) through the university’s Academic Scholarship Office.
    • Scholarship gift ($500 minimum) to a university scholarship account.
    • Student recruitment activities such as college fairs, student send-offs, book awards, UK Preview Nights, etc.
encouraged activities cont
Encouraged Activities, cont.
  • Athletics such as a bus trip to a game, pre-game party, game watch party, etc.
  • Diversity activity to encourage minority engagement such as extending a special invitation to minority alumni to attend a club event, holding an event with a culturally diverse topic or speaker, participating in a student recruitment event at an underrepresented high school, etc.
  • Community service activity in partnership with local or state social or civic organizations.
club administration
Club Administration
  • Officers and board members must be dues-paying members of the UK Alumni Association.
  • Membership in the UK Alumni Association should be promoted at all club events.
  • President-elect or other officer is encouraged to annually attend the Alumni Club Leadership Training Conference.
club administration cont
Club Administration, cont.
  • Host regular board/steering committee meetings (more than one annually).
  • Financial practices should operate without the use of a local dues structure.
  • Club website hosted by the UK Alumni Association. (If club hosts a website on an external site, the website should reflect the association’s graphics standards at
  • Club bylaws and financial report submitted to the UK Alumni Association annually.
uk alumni club responsibilities
UK Alumni Club Responsibilities
  • Report Club Administrative Information
  • Submit Club Activity Reports
  • Provide Financial Report
  • Check Club Event Log Information
  • Support the UK Alumni Association and the University of Kentucky
support from the uk alumni association
Support from the UK Alumni Association
  • Annual Club Awards Recognition
  • Athletic Tickets
  • Training Conferences Expenses (except travel)
  • Club Leaders’ Handbook
  • Club Website and Technical Support
  • Staff Support for Club Activities (event planning, speaker scheduling, scholarship administration, student recruitment administration, etc.)
  • Travel Expenses for UK Speaker (one annually)
  • Event Giveaways
  • Online Community Services (calendar posts, broadcast emails, registration service, etc.)
  • The UK Alumni Association is a membership-based organization. Membership dues are vital to our existence, including the existence of UK Alumni Clubs.


    • Annual Single Student/Recent Graduate = $25
    • Annual Joint Student/Recent Gradate = $35
    • Annual Single = $45
    • Annual Joint = $55
    • Life Single (one payment) = $850
    • Life Joint (one payment) = $950
    • Life Single (in 6 annual payments of $166.66) = $1,000
    • Life Joint (in 6 annual payments of $183.33) = $1,100
alumni club ranking system
Alumni Club Ranking System
  • Club events log kept annually on association website,
  • The alumni events calendar is the official source of information for the club event log.
  • Alumni club event log is used as a tool for the Past President’s Voting on club awards and ticket ranking.
  • Updates to the log can be made throughout the year. May 31 is the deadline to make any changes to the log/ranking for clubs.

(see enclosed sheet)

  • Alumni Clubs are one very important way to keep alumni connected to their alma mater.
  • We appreciate the hard work our club leaders do throughout the year to keep our club network going.
  • Our staff is a resource available to all clubs. Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have a question about something.