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Interaction design

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Interaction design. IS 403: User Interface Design Shaun Kane. Today. More on interaction design Getting started with user testing. Check-in on A6. How is everybody doing? Problems? Need feedback? A7 posted. Interaction design.

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interaction design
Interaction design

IS 403: User Interface Design

Shaun Kane


More on interaction design

Getting started with user testing

check in on a6
Check-in on A6

How is everybody doing?

Problems? Need feedback?


interaction design1
Interaction design

“Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. People think it’s this veneer – that the designers are handed this box and told, ‘Make it look good!’ That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

what makes a good design
What makes a good design?
  • What skills have we picked up so far?
what makes a good design1
What makes a good design?

Requirements gathering

Good information design and architecture (IS 387)

Good interaction design

Testing, iteration, improvement

consider a web site
Consider a web site…

What questionsmight a user have?

consider a web site1
Consider a web site…

What questionsmight a user have?

Where am I?

Where can I go?

What can I do here?

What did I just do?

tools from is 387
Tools from IS 387

Site ID

Global / persistent navigation

“You are here”


site id
Site ID

The main site, brand identity

Click to go home

global navigation
Global navigation

It should be persistent

5 elements


Site-wide elements that are not part of the content hierarchy

Separate them, so we don’t have to shoehorn them into content

you are here
“You are here”

Show user’s position in hierarchy

Helps user understand hierarchy

Can be shown in several ways


Hierarchical vs. chronological

buttons and links
Buttons and links

Make them actions

the holy texts of usability1
The holy texts of usability

<- how

people think

tools, methods ->processes

  • You’ve probably read it before
  • Worth a reread
    • Now you have fun projects to apply it to
important ideas from norman
Important ideas from Norman

It’s not the user’s fault


Conceptual models

Make things visible (system status, feedback)




Next time: execution and evaluating


Examples in everyday life/this class?


Jared Sinclair, “Untouchtable”.

perceived vs actual affordance
Perceived vs. actual affordance

Affords sitting

Affords pushing

Perceived affordance

affordances vs convention1
Affordances vs. convention

What does thisdo?

A cultural convention: blue underlined things are web links

conceptual models
Conceptual models

How the system works vs. how the user thinks it works


conceptual models2
Conceptual models

Good conceptual models aren’t always the same as the system model

system status and feedback
System status and feedback

What’s going on?

What did I just do?

system status1
System status



system status2
System status
  • Good?
  • - Tells me I need to wait
  • Bad?
  • Why?
  • How long?
  • What is it doing?

What is it?

What is a good mapping?


Arbitrary mapping

Natural mapping


What are they?


don t do this
Don’t do this

Phone number:

Phone number MUST be formatted XXX-YYY-ZZZZ

class activity
Class activity
  • Take out your phones (no really!)
  • In groups of two, find good and bad examples of:
    • Affordances, mapping, feedback, constraints
next time
Next time

Norman, model of execution

Usability heuristics (Nielsen)