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NHMS SI STUDENT EXCHANGE. 2013/2014 Family Information Meeting October 17, 2013 5:30 PM. YEAR TWO WAS A SUCCESS!!. The NHMS/Liceo connection. -Founded by Susan Wells and the SI parents of 2011/2012- this program will continue under the direction of NHMS staff!

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Nhms si student exchange




Family Information Meeting

October 17, 2013

5:30 PM

The nhms liceo connection
The NHMS/Liceo connection

-Founded by Susan Wells and the SI parents of 2011/2012- this program will continue under the direction of NHMS staff!

- It was born out of the desire to provide an authentic cultural and language enhancing experience for the SI middle school students!

-Pairing- with Liceo- a private school in Madrid who is also passionate about providing authentic language experiences for their students in the US and other countries.

-We will continue to use the previous trip model created by Susan Wells with some adjustments as needed. Liceo’s model of exchange programs will be used to provide a successful design model.

Details of the program
Details of the program:

- Approximately 20-30 students will have the opportunity to attend the trip with two staff members. The chaperones for this year are Sr. Duffie (2nd trip) and Sra . Klocko.

-The final number of students who can attend is based on the number of students who will participate in the exchange from Liceo.

-The trip is for 7th grade students only. WHY??

-The trip dates are June 5- June 21,2014 and our Spain exchange students will be here from September 5 - September 19, 2014.

***Travel dates pending confirmation with Liceo***

More details
More details:

Cost Projection-$2700.- $3000.- THIS INCLUDES:

~Airfares- Roundtrip from Grand Rapids to Madrid and back- $1640. = upper end - Early decisions on student participation could lower this price!

~includes some of the outings planned for hosts and their Spain guests when in GR!

~and some incidentals (ie passport, spending money,etc)

Family host obligations
Family/host obligations:

~parents of traveling students will be required to participate in tasks such as bookkeeping,optional fundraising,t-shirt design contest, plan daily excursions for visiting Spain students, attend the excursions,etc.


Preparation meetings

These are required to prepare students for a trip abroad!!!

- How many?? (4) Student Meetings

(2-3) Parent Meetings

TBD- some after school/some at night!

How does this exchange program work
How does this exchange program work?

- Each student participant is paired with a host family. The same pairing will exist when in(@NHMS)

-This is a round trip pairing meaning you must be willing to travel there and host on our end!

-Reciprocity is key and saves $$$.

Madrid exchange experience
Madrid Exchange Experience:

- First night- Hotel with teacher chaperones- ADJUSTMENT!!

-The remaining overnight stays are with the HOST FAMILY!!

-Weekdays- school and daily excursions!

(the Spain host will attend school while the NHMS student goes on daily excursions)

-Weekends- with the host family!!!

(Spain excursions/ specific sightseeing will be shared on our SI Exchange Student website at siexchangetrip.weebly.com

Hosting in grand rapids michigan
Hosting in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Each host will:

  • Provide housing, meals, etc.

  • Weekday excursion support (ie sack lunches, some transportation if needed)

  • One to two evening group activities- (ie Craig’s Cruisers, Final Celebration)

  • Weekend activities- biking, fishing, sightseeing,shopping, or other!!

    ***Weekday excursions will be listed on the exchange website siexchangetrip.weebly.com

Basic eligibility requirements
Basic eligibility requirements:

-Since this is an overseas trip and students will be representing our school, state, and country (ambassadors) , and will be staying with host families- they must have exceptional integrity, self - discipline, respectful behavior, and should be comfortable being away from their family. In other words, this should not be their first trip or first experience away from parents!!

- To be eligible students should:

~be maintaining grades of at least a C and above

~have a solid command of the Spanish language

~no discipline /behavior problems for the last year and through the middle experience to date. (an in-school or out of school suspension in the last year disqualifies a student for this trip)

-If eligible for the trip- each student must have a valid passport, current physical, and signed behavior contract.

Selection process and timeframe

STEP 1- Determine if this trip is a good fit for you!!(IF SO- COMPLETE APPLICATION PAPERWORK - DUE IN THE NHMS OFFICE BY FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25!!!

STEP 2- Student Interviews (SCHEDULED DURING THE WEEK OF NOV. 5-9)

Next steps

-The SI Team will determine qualified applicants based on:

  • student interviews/NHMS staff input

  • student essay

  • host family background check

  • Most importantly- do the dates work and is this financially feasible for your family

  • Behavior/discipline record

    - The number of students that can attend is based on our Liceo student participation. If our qualified/eligible number exceeds this, a lottery will be held to determine who will attend.

    -The number of male/female participants is also based on Liceo student participation. Homogeneous homestays are required. (girl w/girl, boy w/boy)

Once selected and contacted next steps
Once selected and contacted- next steps:

~ The behavior contract must be completed and signed.

~A current health/physical must be on file for the current year.

~A student profile must be completed to help match students from NHMS and Liceo

Financial Details:


  • Incidental expenses

  • Payment schedule- Deposit/installments are paid in Nov/Feb/March- final!

  • A $750. non-refundable deposit is required in November to hold your child’s spot!! The second installment will be due in Jan and the 3rd in Feb.

  • Individual fundraising may be possible to offset trip costs.

    SO WHY ATTEND THIS TRIP?????????????

Nhms si student exchange


  • Authentic use of the Spanish Language

  • Broader world perspective

  • Cultural exposure with host families and during the entire trip!!

  • Development of long-term friendship with exchange partner

  • Re-excite the commitment to the Spanish Immersion Program!!!

The 2013 exchange story goes on
The 2013 Exchange story goes on……….

How to stay connected informed
How to stay connected/ informed??

  • Sign up /provide email address

  • Use the website: siexchangetrip.weebly.com

  • Talk to last year’s trip participants and their families

  • Contact Program Coordinator- Srta. Natalie Klocko: nklocko@fhps.net or 493-8650.