the author of malcolm x is allison draper n.
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Biography of Malcolm x By: Javen Jackson PowerPoint Presentation
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Biography of Malcolm x By: Javen Jackson

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Biography of Malcolm x By: Javen Jackson - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The author of Malcolm x is Allison Draper. Biography of Malcolm x By: Javen Jackson. Malcolm’s Life .

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malcolm s life
  • Malcolm was born on May 19,1925 he was born in Omaha Nebraska he was called Malcolm little and Malcolm x. He lived in till February 19,1965. On that day he was assonated by 3 men who sat in the fourth row the other two men sat in the second row. They stood up and shot a ruger and a semi automatic weapon and one sawed off shot gun. They distracted the guards by having a man yell and throw a smoke bomb so they could get a shot off.
malcolm s early life
Malcolm’s early life.
  • His father died when Malcolm was young he was young they said he was killed by a sports car.
  • He went to live with a white family.
  • He started school with white kids.
  • He became a hustler selling drugs.
  • He started a gang to steal things.
  • He made thousands of dollars from stealing peoples valuables.
malcolm s adult hood
Malcolm's adult hood.
  • Malcolm went to jail.
  • He taught himself how to read and write.
  • He joined the NOI.
  • He was released later on.
  • He then started a family and had three daughter’s.
  • He then started preaching for Muhammad Eli.
  • In the end Malcolm had a great life he inspired many people to stand up in what they believe in and because of that people murdered him during one of his great speech’s he started off as a hustler and he was inspired to start preaching and to do something in his life.