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Resident Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Resident Training

Resident Training

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Resident Training

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  1. Resident Training

  2. Your Role in Typhon • Resident • Make sure you are registered within the first 30 days of starting a residency. Must have an active email account to use this system • System access fees • Submitting required forms (Registration form not available in Typhon) • Entering cases (able to edit and update at any time) • Residency Director/Faculty • Evaluate resident’s performance every 3 months via quarterly evaluation forms in Typhon • Approve/Sign off on case logs entered by your resident • Upload important documents for resident’s to view about your program

  3. Step 1 • Go to click on Data Entry Log-in

  4. Logging Into Typhon 1. Enter the Facility Number (9045) 2. Enter your User Login and Password. Please Note: Once registered, you will receive an email from Robin Seabrook [via Typhon Group] with login information. 3. Click Log In. Click Forgot login or Password? To have password /login emailed to you again (may be different)

  5. Student Fees: “Student Pay” Scenario The first time resident logs in he/she is directed to an online payment page. Access fees must be paid by credit card (Amex, Visa, MasterCard or Discover) • Make sure you choose “Student pay” for the System Access Fee. • Typhon access fee is a separate from NCOPE registration fee. Fee is $75.00 for 3 years of access. • Once credit card is approved, the system will automatically activate your account, enabling you to start using the system.

  6. System Information

  7. Resident/Student Features

  8. Navigate from the Main Menu

  9. Quarterly Evaluations • From Main Menu, click on

  10. Quarterly Evaluations Cont.

  11. Which Evaluations Can I fill Out? • Resident • Abstract Coversheet • Directed Study Coversheet • Directed Study Statement Form • Resident’s Evaluation of Residency Program • Residency Director/Faculty • First Quarter Evaluation • Second Quarter Evaluation • Third Quarter Evaluation • Final 12 Month Evaluation

  12. Entering Case Logs • From the Main Menu, in the Case Log Management Section click on Add New Case Log. You Can Also Edit Previous Case Logs.

  13. Case Logs Cont. • Enter Required Information in the Case Info Screen. Red arrow indicates fields are required.

  14. Case Logs Cont. • Indicate Your Role in Treating a Patient. Enter in Competency Section on Left Hand Side. (Structure modeled after the ABC practice framework)

  15. Other Residency Documents On-line • Abstract & Abstract Coversheet – Form can be found in EASI Evaluation section on Main Menu • (Abstract can be typed/pasted in abstract coversheet) • Directed Study Coversheet – Form can be found in EASI Evaluation section on Main Menu • (Directed Study/Research can be uploaded) • Directed Study Statement Form – Form can be found in EASI Evaluation section on Main Menu • (Electronic Signature Required)

  16. Uploading Documents

  17. Uploading Documents Cont.

  18. FAQ’s • Q: Is Typhon Required? • A: Yes. All residents with a start date of June 1, 2010 or later are required to use Typhon. • Q: How will NCOPE know if I was evaluated or not? • A: System automatically date stamps all encounters. NCOPE will track each resident quarterly based on residents start date. • Q: Will I receive email notices when evaluations are due? • A: No. Print a resident schedule from the NCOPE website to help your residency director stay on schedule.

  19. Questions?