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Welcome National Board Candidates

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Welcome National Board Candidates - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome National Board Candidates. Sign in. Pick up name tag and your Candidate Information Form. Correct/Complete Information (If all information is correct, write OK at the top of the page) Place your photo on the front table provided. Pick up one of each item at the front.

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welcome national board candidates

Welcome National Board Candidates

Sign in.

Pick up name tag and your Candidate Information Form.

Correct/Complete Information (If all information is correct, write OK at the top of the page)

Place your photo on the front table provided.

Pick up one of each item at the front.

Sit with your division.


Getting Started: Focusing on the Standards

8:30-8:45 Welcome/Introduction

8:45- 9:30 Establishing Professional Norms

9:30-10:00 Breaking Down the Standards

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-10:45 Getting Started

10:45-11:30 Breaking Down the Entries

11:30-12:00 Assessment Center & Timeline

12:00-12:15 September Homework/ ???

today s nbct facilitators
Today’s NBCT Facilitators

Heather Bumgarner,MC/Gen, Hanover

Harvey Stone, AYA/History-SS, Henrico

Sylvia Mullen,CTE, Richmond

Angelique Clarke, AYA/History-SS, Chesterfield


Candidate Whip-Around

  • Name
  • School
  • Certificate area
establishing professional norms
Establishing Professional Norms
  • Meet with your NBCT Facilitator
draft a set of professional norms based on the following questions
Draft a set of professional norms based on the following questions:

What procedures will govern meeting attendance?

What procedures will govern our dialogue with each other?

What do you expect from other team members/candidates?

How do we want to enforce our professional norms?

division expectations for candidates
Division Expectations for Candidates

Attend all META support sessions.

Complete all assignments.

Support future candidates for at least 2 years after achieving National Board Certification.


Breaking Down the Standards

  • Move to your certificate area.
  • Take out standards homework.
  • “Elementary” certificates to far end of room
  • “Middle” in the middle
  • “High School” certs. closer to the door

Breaking Down the Standards

  • Spend 20 minutes looking at standards and discussing how you could provide evidence for each.
  • Spend 10 minutes focusing on one specific standard.
    • Option A: Look at the Knowledge of Students standard. Discuss how you will prove your knowledge of students.
    • Option B: Identify the standard that your group members identified as “rarely or never” doing the main ideas Brainstorm big picture solutions.
getting started
Getting Started. . .

In Part I: General Portfolio Instructions, read the sections entitled “Understanding Your Portfolio Entries” and “Following Policies and Guidelines (pages 1-11 to 1-15).

Using post-it notes and/or highlighters, identify critical information you need to remember as you go through the process.

Develop a “to do” list.

helpful suggestions

Sooner rather than later…before Labor Day

Helpful Suggestions

Visit and learn from: www.guide4nbcandidates.org

2. Look for other support materials and groups.

Yahoo Groups



Lessons that work for portfolio entries



Breaking Down the Entries

  • Working with a partner, complete the Breaking Down the Entry form –Use the printed resources you brought today to complete the sheet.
    • There are more places to reference than just the portfolio instructions.
  • Take 15 minutes. We recognize this is not enough time to fully complete this document.

Breaking Down the Entries

Print All of these if you haven’t already done so!

Also, print part I of Scoring Guide.

Bring all to each workshop!

  • Discussion
    • Format(written response & documentation)
    • Content
    • Big Picture/Small Picture
  • “Let’s Take a Poll”
        • Portfolio Instructions
        • Portfolio Cover Sheets and Forms
        • Standards
        • Scoring Guide Rubric(Part II)
        • Scoring Guide Evaluation of Evidence(unlabeled Part 3)
          • Feedback Statements

Breaking Down the Entries

  • Within the Portfolio Instructions
    • Summation Paragraph
    • Standards Information
    • “What do I need to do?”
    • General Directions for Written Response
    • Questions to be answered in writing
    • “Documentation”
      • All entries have details about specific requirements in addition to your written response.
homework due by september 17 1
Homework Due By September 17 #1

Complete Breaking Down Entry and Entry Prompt Sheet for Readers forms for the all four entries.

Use all of the resources we just mentioned 

Personalize and make it meaningful.

Entry Prompt Sheet: Phrase questions for your readers

After completing these two forms for each entry you should be able to confidently summarize what you are required to do.

These documents are your “Cheat Sheet/Detailed Summary” that are intended to guide you for the next three months. Time devoted to completed these forms, is time well spent.

Internalize these like you should internalize your standards.


Find your Scoring Guide!

3 Parts(do you have them all?)

1. Understanding/Interpreting Scores

(print it if you haven’t already)

2. Understanding and Applying Scoring Criteria

3. Evaluation of Evidence

(not a labeled part of the guide)

nbct components
NBCT Components

60% Portfolio Entries(Four Entries)

Entries 1, 2, & 3 are classroom based = 16% each

Entry 4 Documented Accomplishments = 12 %

40% Assessment Center Exercises

Six tests = 6.66%


There is no “right-way” to tackle the work you need complete…

  • The META support program is here to support your progress. We have established the following calendar for our structured support.

September Writing to Achieve

October Videotaping Workshop

November Student Work Sample &

Documented Accomplishments

January NBCT Coaching Sessions

February NBCT Coaching Sessions

March Packing Party

April Assessment Center Workshop

  • You need to assess the requirements for your portfolio and assessment center exercises and keep each component in mind as move through the process.
homework due by september 17 2
Homework Due By September 17 #2

Personal Timeline

You need complete the “Making Time” sheet AFTER you complete the Breaking Down the Entry forms.

Establish a realistic amount of time that it will take you complete the tasks required.

Example: Do you have to collect data overtime?

Example: Do you need to start a documented accomplishment in September?

Example: How much time do I need to study for assessment center number 4?

Take into consideration our workshop schedule, but realize that you may and should start entries before we discuss them.

homework due by september 17 21
Homework Due By September 17 #2

Personal Timeline continued…

Will there be snow? Did you leave enough time for a backup plan?

Using the “Making Time” sheet plug the information into your calendar.

We will collect the “Making Time” sheet trusting that you have used it in your “calendar.” This may be your Blackberry, plan book, desk calendar, wallet calendar, etc. If you don’t use a calendar you will need one for this process.

You should consider and include:

Personal Events

Professional Responsibilities

Portfolio Requirements

Assessment Center Preparation


Assessment Center

  • Everyone has six exercises that can look very different from certificate to certificate.
  • They may be content based, a simulation, hands-on, computer based, oral, etc.
  • You may need to study for six months, you may need to study for one week…
  • Each exercise will differ in the amount of personal preparation time required.
  • We won’t have our Assessment Center workshop until April, but it is something to consider and prepare for all year.
  • You will receive an Authorization To Test form after your district pays your balance to NBPTS.

Assessment Center

  • Look in the Scoring Guide Part II
  • Understanding and Applying Scoring Criteria
  • Find your Assessment Center Rubrics
  • Take 10 minutes and write down a big picture idea for each of your six exercises.
  • How much time would you need to prepare for each
  • of your six exercises?
    • Make sure to include your “study” time on your calendar(not included on the “Making Time” sheet).
homework due by september 17
Homework Due By September 17

Complete “Breaking Down the Entry” and “Prompt Sheet for Readers” forms for all entries.

Complete the “Making Time” sheet and plug the information into your calendar.

Complete Guided Writing Activity.

Regularly access the CTL website.

Sign up for the NBC Support Listserv and post a brief message introducing yourself.

Read and return signed Candidate/Facilitator Agreement Form.

For those who want VCU graduate credit, return completed registration form no later than 8/15.

vcu graduate credit
VCU Graduate Credit

Ed.S. Degree in Teacher Leadership

Fall Semester: TEDU 602 National Board Certification I (3 credits)

Spring Semester: TEDU 702 National Board Certification II (3 credits)

Carefully read course syllabus and scoring rubric.

Will receive an incomplete for TEDU 602 until May 2012

Cost: $954.00 per course

contact information
Contact Information
  • www.ctl.vcu.edu
  • Terry Dozier tdozier@vcu.edu
  • Heather Bumgarner bumgarnerhj2@vcu.edu
  • Harvey Stone jhstone@henrico.k12.va.us
  • Eleanor Joyce elanore.joyce@doe.virginia.gov