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  1. Alliteration Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum…what isAlliteration?

  2. What is Alliteration? • A poem with alliteration repeats the initial consonant sounds closely together. • Example:Sheila Shorter sought a suitor; Shelia sought a suitor short. Sheila’s suitor’s sure to suit her; Short’s the suitor Sheila sought! by Michael Rosen

  3. An Alliteration Poem Down the slippery slide they slid Sitting slightly sideways; Slipping swiftly see them skid On holidays and Fridays.

  4. The Purpose of Alliteration Poems • Alliteration poems tend to be tongue twisters. They are written for the fun they bring when they are read. • Lets look at a few more poems with alliteration.

  5. Another Alliteration Poem A fly and a flea flew up in a flue. Said the fly to the flea, “What shall we do?” “Let’s fly,” said the flea. “Let’s flee,” said the fly. So they fluttered and flew up a flaw in the flue.

  6. More Tongue Twisters “Night, night, Knight”, said one Knight to the other knight the other night. “Night, night, Knight.”

  7. Super Tongue Twister! Esau Wood sawed wood. Esau Wood would saw wood. Oh, the wood that Wood would saw! One day Esau Wood saw a saw saw wood as no other woodsaw Wood ever saw would saw wood. Of all the woodsaws Wood ever saw saw wood, Wood never saw a woodsaw that would saw wood like the woodsaw Wood saw would saw wood. Now Esau Wood saws with that saw he saw saw wood.

  8. And now you know… If Paddy picked a perfect playtime He’d play all day in the pouring rain, With his perky tail and playful grin Pouncing on puddles without end!

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