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State of the AAA

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State of the AAA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State of the AAA
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  1. State of the AAA

  2. Executive Committee AAA San Francisco 2005

  3. Council

  4. Inclusiveness • How can we increase the visible presence, in our meeting and association-wide journals, of the breadth and diversity of the AAA membership? AAA San Francisco 2005

  5. Overview • Membership • Journal Task Force • Changes to AH and TAR • PhD Shortage • Call for Nominations AAA San Francisco 2005

  6. EC Strategic retreat was devoted to the issue of membership. AAA San Francisco 2005

  7. Explanations for the decline in membership • Practitioner membership decline is a major contributor to overall AAA decline in membership • Many faculty are retiring • University and College budgets are declining • Ph.D Shortage • More non tenure-track faculty • AAA not providing strong enough value proposition for potential members AAA San Francisco 2005

  8. Membership Committee Initiatives: Bruce Behn, Chair • Understand the value proposition for member groups • Researchers • Faculty at PhD granting institutions • Faculty at non-PhD granting institutions • International members • Non-tenure track faculty • PhD students • Review association-wide publications strategy • Refocus on AAA’s teaching mission • Improve connections with Associate Organizations outside of the U.S. • Partner with Professionals • Reconsider dues structure AAA San Francisco 2005

  9. Partner with Professionals • Scott Sholwalter, incoming VP-Professional, Mark Chain, outgoing VP-Professional and Susan Crosson, VP-Sections and Regions • Develop a Corporate membership program to attract practitioners and to encourage active participation • Objectives • To enhance relationships with practitioners and corporations • To foster communications between academics and practitioners • To improve access to data for academic research • To jointly address/solve issues facing the accounting profession AAA San Francisco 2005

  10. Partner with Professionals- Who can participate • Corporations • Accounting firms • Publishers • Technology firms • Individuals • Practitioners • Individuals • Regulators & Standard Setters • PCAOB • AICPA • SEC • IFAC • NASBA AAA San Francisco 2005

  11. Publication Issues • We should publish more and a broader spectrum of our research and expand the marketplace of ideas. (Judy Rayburn’s opinion) • An Ad hoc committee called the Journal Task Force will present their results to the Executive Committee • Charge: • Benchmarking with publication information of AFA, AMA, AIS, AEA, CAA and Academy of Management • Assess journal strategies and publication activity of each association AAA San Francisco 2005

  12. JTF Issues • Time to print – currency of our research • Access to the Association-wide journals • Capacity • Relevance • Governance of the journals • Citations AAA San Francisco 2005

  13. Journal Capacity • Data from E.P. Swanson, C. J. Wolfe, and A. Zardkoohi (2005) “University Market Share in the Major Journals: Theory and Evidence for Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing,” Working paper, Texas A&M University. AAA San Francisco 2005

  14. Comparison of Publication Output in Highly Ranked (Top 4) Association-Sponsored Academic Journals in Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing over 1990-2002

  15. Citations - Relevance • Number of cites in SSCI for 4 major journals in finance, marketing and accounting • Finance: • 26741 Journal of Finance • 17631 Journal of Financial Economics • 3977 Review of Financial Studies • 5037 Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis • 53386 TOTAL CITES • Marketing: • 18595 Journal of Marketing • 16799 Journal of Marketing Research • 15463 Journal of Consumer Research • 5107 Marketing Science • 55964 TOTAL CITES • Accounting: • 3361 Accounting, Organizations and Society • 4842 Journal of Accounting Research • 4051 Journal of Accounting and Economics • 4064 Accounting Review • 16318 TOTAL CITES AAA San Francisco 2005

  16. The Accounting Review • The Executive Committee has voted to increase the number of annual issues from 4 to 6 over two years. • The fifth issue will appear in 2006, the sixth in 2007 or 2008. • Should sixth issue be an annual meeting issue? AAA San Francisco 2005

  17. Accounting Horizons • Incoming editorial team at Horizons, May 1, 2006: Ella Mae Matsumura & David Ziebart • Editors will be attending AAA section and regions meetings to identify promising AH articles • New award -- Best paper published in Horizons, voted on by subscribers to Horizons with the winner receiving a cash prize of $2,500, the award is sponsored by McGraw-Hill/Irwin. AAA San Francisco 2005

  18. Accounting Horizons • Another initiative is to seek more articles that deal with practice-related areas. These articles could be in any area: auditing; management accounting; tax; information systems; financial accounting; The following are potential characteristics of such practice-related papers: • A practitioner participates in and contributes directly to the research results in an area with application to practitioners. • A paper is aimed directly at practitioners to help them identify a potential issue that they should be aware of or to help them solve an existing known issue. • A paper is directed at a regulator or standard setter to support existing ongoing standard setting or to raise an issue to the body that needs attention. AAA San Francisco 2005

  19. Accounting Horizons • A paper is written to advance research in an area that directly impacts current practice (the main point here is a current issue). • A paper raises issues in practice that are not clearly evident. • A paper explaining how to apply new and complex accounting, auditing, and tax pronouncements. (The Journal of Accountancy used to publish rigorous papers on how to apply complex accounting standards in the 1960s and 1970s and we view such papers as usual additions to the literature.) AAA San Francisco 2005

  20. Accounting Notes • Electronic “journal” that includes an extended abstract of all articles published in the TAR, Accounting Horizons, Issues in Accounting Education, and the AAA-section journals. • The executive summaries would be written so as to be understandable by a general audience. • The idea is produce a single source of all published research in AAA association-wide and sections journals to increase the visibility of the research output carried in the association’s journals. • This project which is still in the planning stage, your feedback is invited. AAA San Francisco 2005

  21. Accounting Education • The Accounting Education Committee, chaired by VP-Education Nancy Bagranoff, will work with the Teaching and Curriculum section to address education issues. • The Committee will also monitor and expand AAA web resources for teaching. AAA San Francisco 2005

  22. Issues in Accounting Education • Search for new editor of Issues - nominations welcome by December 1st, 2005. AAA San Francisco 2005

  23. AICPA: The Supply of Accounting Graduates… 145 Accounting Ph.D.s were awarded in 2002-2003, an increase over 2001-2002 estimates. TABLE 3B Accounting Ph.D’s Awarded 1998–99 Through 2002–03 Number of Graduates Rate of Growth 1998–99 185 – 3% 1999–00 195 + 5% 2000–01 115 – 41% 2001–02 110 – 4% 2002–03 145 + 32% AAA San Francisco 2005

  24. Business School-wide PhD shortage • The AACSB (2003) expects the current faculty shortage to reach 1,142 individuals by 2008, and 2,419 by 2013. • DeAngelo, Harry, DeAngelo, Linda and Zimmerman, Jerold L., "What's Really Wrong With U.S. Business Schools?" (July 2005). AAA San Francisco 2005

  25. “Shortage” of Accounting Faculty Estimate for 2005-06 Thru 2007-2008 AAA San Francisco 2005

  26. Call for Nominations • Outstanding Accounting Educator Award • Committee chair: Paula Thomas • Innovation in Accounting Education Award • Committee Chair: Paul Solomon • Deloitte Wildman Award • Committee Chair: Jean Bedard • Competitive Manuscript Award • Committee Chair: Ed Maydew • Notable Contribution of the Literature • Screening Committee Chair: Ken Merchant • Selection Committee Chair: Anthony Hopwood AAA San Francisco 2005