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Annual Report 2008-2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Annual Report 2008-2009

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Annual Report 2008-2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Annual Report 2008-2009. Where We Are. 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 Tenured Faculty - down 28 26 23 1 Refereed Pubs by Ranked Faculty - down 70 103 81 Federal C & G Awards - down $8.6M $5.9M $4.2M State & Local Gov’t Awards - down $10.6M $2.4M $ .7M Private Awards - steady $1.6 M $1.6M $1.5M.

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Annual Report 2008-2009

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    1. Annual Report2008-2009

    2. Where We Are 2006/072007/082008/09 Tenured Faculty - down 28 26 231 Refereed Pubs by Ranked Faculty - down 70 103 81 Federal C & G Awards - down $8.6M $5.9M $4.2M State & Local Gov’t Awards - down $10.6M $2.4M $ .7M Private Awards - steady $1.6 M $1.6M $1.5M 1 4 New hires to start in August ‘09 Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index is above the National mean and compares favorably with other USF programs.

    3. Where We Are 2006/072007/082008/09 Post Doc Fellows - steady 28 32 32 Support Staff - down 293 2031 190 Student Ethnic Diversity- steady 25.6% 25.8% 25.2% Student Gender Diversity- steady Male 33% 36% 32% Female 67% 64% 68% 1 SRI separated from COT

    4. Where We Are 2006/072007/082008/09 Student Headcount - down 130 120 111 Student Credit Hours - down 2,187 2,116 1,798 Students Accepted - down 25 26 20 Degrees Awarded - up 26 14 24 Masters 13 9 14 PhD 13 5 10 Student reported data are based on the academic year = summer, fall, spring

    5. 2008-2009 Student Summary • 111 Graduate Students • 59% Doctoral, 41% Master’s • 68% Female, 32% Male • 9% International • 16% US Minority • 10% Hispanic • 5% African American • 1% Asian • 15 Fellowships ranging from $10,000 – $22,000 per year (2008-2009) • 3 Fellowships ranging from $2,500 - $9,000 per year (2008-2009)

    6. Student Awards Eighteen - Fall 2008 Endowed Fellowships Awarded • Knight Fellowship Terry Fei Fan Ng • Peter R. Betzer Fellowship M. Matthias Elliot • Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship Camille A. Daniels • St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership Fellowship Peter Simard • C.W. Bill Young Fellowship Heather A. Broadbent • Lake Fellowship Elon M. Malkin • Gulf Oceanographic Trust Fellowships Cheska L. Burleson Jennifer A. Delaney Anthony G. Nitti • Garrels Fellowship Sarine Manoukian • Getting Fellowship Brian L. Zielinski • Sanibel Captiva Shell Club Fellowship Michael Martínez-Colón • Von Rosenstiel Fellowships Brienne Engel Monica M. Mion • Wachovia Bank Fellowship Marietta Mayo • Riggs Fellowship Digna T. Rueda-Roa • Barnes Fellowship Luis D. Miranda • Parrot Head Fellowship Heather Havens

    7. Student Awards Grants and Fellowships • Jennifer Delaney, Biological Oceanography, Masters Student : • Awarded the EPA STAR Fellowship (Spring 2009)(pictured: top left) • Jennifer Dupont, Biological Oceanography, PhD Student : • Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship (Spring 2009) (pictured: top right) • Heather Havens, Biological Oceanography, PhD Student : • Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship (for 2009-2010) (pictured: center right) • Michael Martinez-Colón, Geological Oceanography, PhD Student : • American Geological Institute Minority Fellowship (pictured: center left) • Christin Murphy, Biological Oceanography, PhD Student : • NSF Doctoral Fellowship (begins Fall 2009) • Research focus: hydrodynamic trail detection in marine animals (pictured: bottom right) • Julie Richey, Geological Oceanography, PhD Student : • Awarded the 2009 Student Research Grant from the Gulf Coast Association of Geologic Societies (pictured: bottom left)

    8. Student Awards Four “Distinguished Graduate Achievement Awards”, USF GPSO • Christine Cass, Biological Oceanography, PhD Student • Dawn Goldsmith, Biological Oceanography, PhD Student • Monica Mion, Chemical Oceanography, PhD Student • "Terry" Fei Fan Ng, Biological Oceanography, PhD student (photo left to right: Terry Ng, Dawn Goldsmith, Dr. Mya Breitbart, Monica Mion, Dr. Edward Van Vleet) “2008-09 Outstanding Student Organization” Awarded to the Marine Science Advisory Committee (MSAC) at the Celebration of University Leadership Ceremony • President: Matthias Elliott (group photo: top left) • Vice-president: Christin Murphy (group photo: bottom left) • Treasurer: Clare Williams (left photo) • Secretary: Jenny Delaney (group photo: bottom right) • Social coordinator: Anthony Nitti (group photo: top right) • Alumni Relations: Danielle Greenhow (group photo: bottom center)

    9. Student Awards Poster and Presentation Awards • Christine Cass, Biological Oceanography, PhD Student : (top left) • Outstanding Student Poster Award, 2009 ASLO Aquatic Sciences meeting , Nice, France, (Spring 2009): "Using Metabolic Parameters to Assess Copepod Tolerance to Low-Oxygen Environments in the Eastern Tropical Pacific."  • Jennifer Delaney, Biological Oceanography, Masters Student : (center left) • Best Graduate Oral Presentation, American Society for Microbiology (ASM) FL/SE Branch Joint Meeting (Fall 2008): "Evaluation of the rbcS Gene as a Target for Real-Time NASBA Detection of Pseudo-nitzschia" • Jessica Powell, Biological Oceanography, Masters Student : (top right) • 1st place in the categories of Education/Conservation and First Time IMATA Presenter, International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association (IMATA) Conference: "Outreach tools to minimize human impacts on wild bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Florida.” • Patrick Schwing, Geological Oceanography, PhD Student : (bottom left) • 1st Place Poster/ Interview, USF Research Symposium (2008): “Investigating Historical Land Use Within Southeastern Tampa Bay” • Clare Williams, Geological Oceanography, PhD Student :(bottom right) • Outstanding Student Paper Award in the Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology Focus Group, Fall 2008 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting, San Francisco: “Meltwater and Abrupt Climate Change in the Gulf of Mexico During the Last Glacial Termination”

    10. Student Awards Professional Development Awards • Kara Radabaugh, Marine Resource Assessment, PhD Student • Selected as Student Delegate, Education Without Borders 2009 Conference, hosted by the College of Higher Technology in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (picture below: Kara Radabaugh – shown on left) • Patrick Schwing, Geological Oceanography, PhD Student • Accepted into the NSF and NASA funded MSPHDS Professional Development Program (2008-2009) • (picture below: Patrick Schwing – shown on right)

    11. Faculty Awarded National Honors Albert Hine Francis P. Shepard Medal for Excellence in Marine Geology Society of Sedimentary Geology Eugene Shinn Twenhofel Medal Society of Sedimentary Geology David Mann Elected Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America

    12. Faculty News Boris Galperin along with colleagues discovered a new class of nonlinear waves, zonon, was published in October issue of Physical Review Letters. Chuanmin Hu along with colleagues from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration discovered they can use satellite images to detect oil seeping from oil fields beneath the seafloor of the Gulf of Mexico in the January issue of Journal ofGeophysical Research Letters. Eric Montie, lead author of a study that lays the groundwork for understanding how environmental contaminants influence the central nervous system of marine mammals. The story was covered by Discovery News and media. Robert Weisberg and Lianyuan Zheng reported their findings on the capabilities of 3-D storm surge modeling in the December issue of the Journal of Geophysical Research that the storm surge models used by the federal agencies are outdated and risk underestimating the deadly storm surge and flooding potential. CMS Faculty serve on: 14 International Committees and 36 National Committees

    13. Eminent Scholar Lecture Series Frontiers in Marine Science – March 4th – 5th Michael Bender – Princeton University – “Variations in the net community production and carbon export in the oceans” Karen Bice – Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution – “90 million year old oceans: Why we might be wrong about the future” Jed Fuhrman – University of Southern California – “Patterns in marine microbes and microbial association networks” Isaac Ginis – University of Rhode Island – “The science and challenges of hurricane forecasting”

    14. Education Outreach Efforts Center of Excellence The College of Marine Science is working in an advisory capacity to help establish a Center of Excellence in Marine Sciences and Technology within the Pinellas County School District. Centers of Excellence is a unique program that enables high school students in Pinellas County to earn high school credit, college credit and industry certification in select areas of specialization. Oceanography Camp for Girls (OCG) The Oceanography Camp for Girls was developed to inspire and motivate young women entering high school to consider career opportunities in the sciences. In-service Teacher Oceanography Workshops (In-TOW) In TOW provides teachers with marine science learning experiences that engage participants in current and emerging ocean research and technologies. The NOSB provides an educational forum for students to excel in math and science and receive national recognition for their diligence and talents.

    15. Education Outreach Efforts Girls Scouts - Marine Science and Technology Workshop (10-25-2008) Thirty Cadettes and Senior Girl Scouts from the West Central Florida Council participated in a full day of marine science discovery at the Girl Scout Marine Science and Technology Workshop held on Saturday, October 25, 2008. The workshop was organized by Dr. Mya Breitbart, Ali Hudon, and Dr. Kim Pause from the USF College of Marine Science. During the event, Girl Scouts cleaned up a local beach, used a seine net to collect fish and invertebrates from Tampa Bay, toured the Pier Aquarium, learned about meteorology, toured an oceanographic research vessel, performed a plankton tow, examined samples under the microscope, built remotely operated vehicles, and explored the fields of marine geology, acoustics, ecology, and microbiology. Throughout the day the girls had the opportunity to interact with female scientists (including researchers, graduate students, and aquarium staff) and interview them about their careers. These interactions are critical for developing girls’ interest in science and technology, and encouraging the girls to pursue these interests. Each Girl Scout earned the “From Shore to Sea” Interest Project by participating in the event, but more importantly, had the opportunity to develop a lasting interest in marine science and technology. Throughout the day, the Girl Scouts had the opportunity to interact with female scientists (including researchers, graduate students, and aquarium staff) and interview them about their careers. These interactions are critical for developing girls’ interest in science and technology, and encouraging the girls to pursue these interests. Each Girl Scout earned the “From Shore to Sea” Interest Project by participating in the event, but more importantly, had the opportunity to develop a lasting interest in marine science and technology.

    16. Corporate and Foundation Relations During AY 2008-09, donors contributed or pledged $353,246. The College of Marine Science successfully engaged and established working relationships with the following corporations, foundations and organizations: • Wachovia Bank of St. Petersburg • WorkNet Pinellas • County School District • Pinellas Education Foundation • Coda Octopus Group • Beckwith Electric Company • Ocean Optics Inc. • Sysco Corporation • OSI Restaurant Partners (Bonefish) • Praxeis, LLC • Pinch A Penny • New Advantage Corporation • Marine Desalination Systems, LLC • National Fisheries Institute • Odyssey Marine Exploration • United Services Automobile Association (USAA) • Exxon Mobil • Tampa Bay Pilots Association • Shell Oil Company • Royal Caribbean Cruises • Water Resource Associates • Claro Scientific, LLC • International Whaling Commission • Pinellas County Community Foundation • Bright House/Pinellas • Gulf and South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation • Community Foundation of Tampa Bay • Eckerd Family Foundation • Southwest Florida Water Management District • ARCS Foundation • Surdna Foundation • The Ocean Fund • Helios Education Foundation • Elizabeth Ordway Dunn Foundation • Consortium for Ocean Leadership (NOSB) • The Ocean Foundation • The Barbara Delano Foundation • Vasant Sheth Memorial Foundation (India) • The Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation • Raytheon Network Centric Systems • Progress Energy Florida • Lazzara Yachts

    17. Staff Recognition Cam Ngo Recipient of Quiet Quality Award Elected Staff Senator Desiree Woroner Elected Administrative & Professional (A&P) Council

    18. Recent Activities Hurricane Storm Surge Workshop held in February in collaboration with federal partners on storm surge modeling. Much energy generated. Action items are being pursued. ExxonMobil John Young, Management Team Coordinator for the Marine Sound Issue of ExxonMobil visited CMS to discuss joint opportunities between USF and ExxonMobil. Subsequent meetings have evolved. “Guardians of the Gulf”a full length high definition documentary that provides a comprehensive overview of the impacts of the Florida red tide and the research that is being conducted to mitigate and predict it. As a result of this film CMS has a eight minute DVD to use for promotion of the college. Spring Fling and Fish Fryheld in May with College of Marine Science, Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, National Marine Fisheries Service, and US Geological Survey enhancing cooperative relationships between agencies.

    19. Recent Activities UK Met Office/Hadley Center and the Science and Innovation from the UK Consulate in Atlanta visited USF for possible collaboration on research with USF. Hanoi University of Science delegation visited the College of Marine Science for possible research collaborations and establishment of an undergraduate and graduate program in Marine Science. Dr. Jim Luyten, Director of Red Sea Science and Engineering Center, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, visited the College of Marine Science for possible research collaborations between USF, KAUST and MOTE. John Hofmeister Citizens for Affordable Energy and former CEO of Shell Oil presented “America’s energy security: After 35 years of systemic failure, what we must do differently”.

    20. Marine Resource Assessment Program Starting in Fall 2009, the College of Marine Science will be offering a new, interdisciplinary concentration in Marine Resource Assessment (MRA) as part of its Ph.D. and M.S. programs in Marine Science. The new concentration will provide training in the emerging field of ecosystem-based management. The mission will be to train a new generation of scientists that can effectively address issues concerning the sustainability of the world’s living natural resources. The program will prepare students for employment in academia, the environmental consulting industry and government. Students in the program will interact strongly with one or more of the state and federal resource-management agencies that are located near the College of Marine Science in St. Petersburg, including the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service Southeast Regional Office, and the Florida Integrated Science Center of the US Geological Survey.

    21. Major Accomplishments Five New Faculty Members Purchase Of The R/V Weatherbird II Strategic Plan University Wide Compact Planning Alumni

    22. New Faculty Positions Dr. Don Chambers – Oceanographer Specializing in Satellite-Remote Sensing, start date August 7, 2009 Dr. Chuanmin Hu - Oceanographer Specializing in Satellite-Remote Sensing, start date August 7, 2009 Dr. Ernst Peebles – Fish Ecologist, start date March 6, 2009 Dr. Sang-ik Shin – Global-scale, Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Modeler, start date August 7, 2009 Dr. Qingnon Xiao – Mesoscale, Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Modeler, start date August 7, 2009

    23. R/V Weatherbird II R/V Weatherbird II, a 115ft research vessel, will provide the University, as well as our 11 State Universities and private researcher supported by the Florida Institute of Oceanography, with a significantly upgraded oceanographic capability for conducting research in Florida’s coastal ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and the western Atlantic Ocean off the southeast US coast. This vessel will be extremely beneficial to the University in our efforts to join the AAU. It will allow us to attract the best and brightest marine science and related faculty, to recruit the best graduate students, to continue our partnerships with federal and state agencies and to forge new and stronger relationships with other Florida colleges and universities. The R/V Weatherbird II provides new sea-keeping as well as other at-sea capabilities which will increase our research efforts into real-time sensor development, ocean observing, and prediction of societally-relevant phenomena such as red-tide occurrence, coral reef demise, and hurricane storm-surge prediction. This ability will allow us to continue to attract high-tech industry to the area. Additionally, the R/V Weatherbird II will provide the platform for us to work with federal and private companies on research for determining potential energy sources off the Florida coast.

    24. Strategic Plan Completed CMS Strategic Plan

    25. University Wide Compact Planning Goal I - Expand opportunities for interdisciplinary research Goal II - Establish CMS as innovation leader among oceanography graduate programs Goal III - Emphasize collaborative relationships Goal IV - Grow the program, increase stability and community relevance

    26. Alumni News Dr. Lee Kump, Ph.D. ‘86, Professor of Geosciences at Penn State University, received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Alumni Association Dr. Jim Acker, Ph.D. ‘88, Wyle Information Systems NASA, held an Ocean Color Historical Workshop at the College of Marine Science Dr. David John, Ph.D. ’03, College of Marine Science, received the Sackett Prize for Innovative Research for Outstanding Research CMS Alumni established a Marine Science Alumni Society as part of the USF Alumni Association

    27. 2009-2010 Objectives Target Date Collaboration with FWRI, NOAA/NMFS, USGS and Mote Ongoing Upgrade scientific capabilities of R/V Weatherbird II Ongoing Plan NOAA Administrative Services visit for local September 2009 scientists and Florida Universities Plan Ocean Acidification Workshop with NMFS Alaska Spring 2010 Science Center and the University of Alaska Fairbanks Develop FIO AISO into statewide coordinating body Ongoing Integrate the International Ocean Institute Ongoing

    28. 2009-2010 Objectives (cont.) • Increase promotion of CMS at the national level • Develop recruitment plan (dean and other) • Address long-term infrastructure needs • Enhance website • Secure NAS membership • Continue momentum of Marine Resource Assessment program • Review and optimize organization • Continue diversity initiatives • Enhance alumni relations • Create external affairs office (PR, fundraising, grants, education/outreach) • Obtain significant endowment(s) • Increase number of grant proposals

    29. Challenges/Opportunities Student Recruitment /Fellowships– Challenges • Development of a system to offer long-term/multi-year support for incoming students at the time of acceptance, which involves Fellowship and Grant obligations • Increasing the number of qualified international and minority applications, without additional funds for recruitment • Incorporate a recruitment plan that results in graduating more Ph.D.s Opportunities • Take advantage of the newly instated residency policy that will provide out of state waivers to students hired on research grants or awarded full fellowships • Marine Resource Assessment concentration to attract students to our program • New faculty hires will create opportunities for new student recruitment • Gain better understanding why students choose and do not choose CMS • Follow-up on graduates and develop a database

    30. Challenges/Opportunities Federal Funding– Need to increase efforts to identify and apply for Federal funds, especially from nontraditional sources. Dedicated grantsmanship skills are the challenge. Reliable Funding for COT– The ongoing value of Center for Ocean Technology as part of the College of Marine Science must be incorporated into funding plans. A new identity and innovation are the challenges. Fundraising – Challenge is to engage successful leadership level ($1 M or more) givers with an interest in marine science research/education.