End of year eoy for nc
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End-of-Year (EOY) for NC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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End-of-Year (EOY) for NC. Terra Dominguez Melissa Conover May 30, 2014. Audience. LEA / Charter NC-SIS PowerSchool coordinators Tech Directors. Agenda. Reminders Shut-down Window Updates NC Specific Checklist Demo Documentation and Resources. Reminders.

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Presentation Transcript
End of year eoy for nc

End-of-Year (EOY) for NC

Terra Dominguez

Melissa Conover

May 30, 2014


  • LEA / Charter NC-SIS PowerSchool coordinators

  • Tech Directors


  • Reminders

  • Shut-down Window Updates

  • NC Specific

  • Checklist

  • Demo

  • Documentation and Resources


  • DPI Shut-down begins June 27th, 5pm

  • Validations must be complete prior to June 27th

  • All LEAs / Charters must provide a 24/7 contact person even if DPI executes EOY process for LEA

  • LEAs / Charters may execute EOY on their own instance

    • First cut posted: http://www.nc-sis.org/EOY.html

    • Remedy tickets being reviewed for updates

Shut down window updates
Shut-down Window Updates

  • DPI has turned off the Perform EOY and Promote Student option

  • DPI will turn the option on and inform those LEA/Charters executing EOY

  • LEA and school level users will be locked out of PowerSchool

  • 24/7 contact will be unlocked after back-ups of the system are completed

  • 24/7 contact may unlock any other staff that will assist in Post-EOY validation

Nc specific schools below 300
NC Specific – Schools Below 300

  • All LEAs and Charters ‘below 300’ schools

  • Uses :

    • Students not included in state compliance reporting

    • federal reporting

    • created with a specific NC requirement

    • LEA specific needs

Nc specific schools below 3001
NC Specific – Schools Below 300 ..

  • Examples

    • 292 – CECAS (program school – federal reporting)

    • 293 – LEP (program school – federal reporting)

    • 294 – Migrant (program school – federal reporting)

    • 295 – Neglected and Delinquent (program school – federal reporting)

    • 296 – FTE (NC specific requirement – allows updates to re-enrollment records)

    • 297 – Homeless (program school – federal reporting)

    • 123 – Happy Sunshine Daycare (completely made up as an LEA example)

Nc specific schools below 3002
NC Specific – Schools Below 300 ..

  • Program and FTE schools must have all grade levels defined

  • All open schools for SY 2014-2015 must have school set-up tasks completed as part of PRE-EOY

  • LEA level: If you are unable to see these schools in your drop-down list and should have access, follow the steps for adding a school to your security set-up

  • DPI will update the Admission Status to N1for active students in school numbers below 300 after EOY

    • N1 will ensure the PMR is not negatively impacted when the student record is transferred to a traditional school

Nc specific promotion retention graduation
NC Specific – Promotion/Retention/Graduation

Exit Codes specific to EOY will be updated based on NC requirements

Nc specific promotion retention graduation1
NC Specific – Promotion/Retention/Graduation ..

  • Retention

    • Select the retention code that applies to the greatest number of students.

    • Keep a list of students whose retention record will need to be updated to the appropriate retention code after EOY

  • Demoted

    • North Carolina will not use the Demoted option.

Nc specific student transfers
NC Specific – Student Transfers

  • Process differs from the previous YET process.

  • NC requires students be promoted, retained or graduated using EOY if active on the last day school

    • EOY promotes the student to their next grade and next school.

    • If the student is not active at the time EOY is run, the grade level will not be updated

Nc specific transfers out of lea
NC Specific – Transfers out of LEA

  • Student record must remain active to process through EOY

  • Must have next school identified

    • Use the default school within LEA as next school

  • Student will be promoted and transferred within in the LEA

  • Withdraw student as No Show (entry date = exit date) after EOY and within first 10 days of SY 2014-2015

  • If receiving LEA gets an error when preforming Transfer Student Record process, contact the school where the student record is incorrectly admitted and request withdraw

Nc specific transfers out of charter
NC Specific – Transfers out of Charter

  • Set the Default Next School to school number 296 (FTE School)

  • FTE school must have all grade levels defined

  • Students must be placed in a Transfer Out status after EOY by a member of the Charter School

Nc specific graduating students
NC Specific – Graduating Students

  • Promoted with Exit Code W6

  • Must have next grade as 99

  • Must have next school as 999999 / Graduate School

  • During the school year 2013-2014 some early graduates were mistakenly placed in the Graduated school

    • DPI will move these students back to the original school of record for reporting purposes and then move them back to the Graduated school

    • More information on this process will be forthcoming

Nc specific program schools
NC Specific – Program Schools

  • Information pending

    • Migrant Program School (294)

    • Neglected and Delinquent Program School (295)

    • Homeless Program School (297)

Nc specific program schools lep
NC Specific – Program Schools - LEP

  • Student records may be transferred to another school in the district during the EOY

  • Students who transfer out of the program or LEA should be promoted or retained during the EOY

    • The Next School should = 293.

    • After EOY place the student record in a Transfer Out state

  • Must have all NC grade levels defined

Nc specific program schools cecas
NC Specific – Program Schools - CECAS

  • Must be promoted to next grade and school or retained in the program school

  • May be transferred out to another school in LEA

  • If student has reached grade 13 and is still receiving services, set the Next Grade to 13

    • Student will appear retained

    • After EOY, make a note in the comment section of the student’s Transfer record indicating the student has achieved the highest grade level and still receiving services

Nc specific program schools cecas1
NC Specific – Program Schools – CECAS..

  • Graduates should be promoted with the exit code ofW6

  • Must have Next School set to 999999 / Graduate

  • Students who transfer out of the program or LEA should be promoted or retained during the EOY

    • Next School should = 292.

    • After EOY is complete, place the student record in a Transfer Out state

  • Must have all NC grade levels defined

Pre eoy tasks
Pre-EOY Tasks

  • Complete in order

    • Validate School Enrollments (recommended)

    • Validate Section Enrollments (recommended)

    • Print Reports (recommended) (see Appendix B for a complete list)

      • Print PowerSchool ‘canned’ reports that cannot produce student data from prior years

      • Any object reports the LEA has created

      • Report Cards

      • DPI Transcripts

      • Export State Reports

Pre eoy tasks1
Pre-EOY Tasks…

  • Create Years and Terms (required)

  • Assign Next School Indicators (required)

  • Assign Next Year Grade Values (required)

  • Clear Activities (optional/recommended)

  • Configure Default Grade Level for FTEs (required)

  • Configure Fees (optional/recommended)

  • Complete Scheduling (required)

  • Print Meal Transactions and PowerLunch Reports (optional/recommended)

  • Export Historical Grades (optional)

Other tasks prior to eoy
Other Tasks Prior to EOY

  • Complete State Reports

  • Complete CTE Concentrator Survey Process

  • Enroll New Students

Demo school level field review
Demo – School Level Field Review

  • Key fields to review:

    • Next_School

      • The school will the student be attending in the 2014-15 school year

    • Sched_Nextyeargrade

      • The grade will the student be enrolled in during the 2014-2015 school year

    • Grade_Level

      • The student’s current grade level

    • Schoolid

      • The student’s current school

  • Detailed examples located in End of Year User Guide: http://www.nc-sis.org/EOY.html

Other info
Other Info

  • No June 3rd Tuesday Tech Webinar

  • Athletic Eligibility run before EOY - released to DPI-QA on Thursday, May 29

  • This weekend

    • Grad Plan course updates

    • AIG Update - this weekend

    • SAR Updates this weekend

  • SAR date extended until June 13

  • Import of EC 3rd party continues - vendor providing new files

End of year eoy for nc

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