The federal budget
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The Federal Budget. Madison Alonzi, Ana Manners, & Christine Lund. Lowering the Deficit. The government should have a certain amount of people that specifically controls just the budget.

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The federal budget

The Federal Budget

Madison Alonzi, Ana Manners, & Christine Lund

Lowering the deficit
Lowering the Deficit

  • The government should have a certain amount of people that specifically controls just the budget.

  • There should be a certain amount the government can spend, an amount that goes to payoff debt, and “fall-out” money in case we as a country get in trouble.

Controlling pork barrel spending
Controlling Pork-Barrel Spending

  • Pork-Barrel spending consists of the useless things our taxes go to.

  • Pork-Barrel spending could be slowed if the tax rate was changed or if there was a limit on how much money the government could spend.

  • Some of the most ridiculous things we found that our taxes go to were: a Prom video game, for those that want to ‘relive the night.’ Along with a Stonehenge Worship Center, the research on whether or not Chimps communicate by throwing feces, money going to cowboy poetry, and fighting obesity with graffiti carrots.

The fiscal cliff
The Fiscal Cliff

  • The fiscal cliff basically means that if we lower our spending, our income rate would be higher.

  • If we didn’t spend as much, the government wouldn’t have as much money to use to promote the ideas that they do. They also wouldn’t have so much debt to cover.

  • News for the Fiscal Cliff:,0,19627.story

Proportional vs progressional taxes
Proportional VS. Progressional Taxes.

  • We like progressional taxes better because it allows the people without much money to keep a decent amount of it after paying taxes.

  • The wealthy may have to pay the most, but they also make the most, so it equals out.