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William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare. Shakespeare. Born in 1563 Stratford, England wrote 37 plays about 154 sonnets started out as an actor. Stage Celebrity. Actor and Playwright Lord Chamberlain’s Men The House that Bill Built:

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  • Born in 1563 Stratford, England
  • wrote 37 plays
  • about 154 sonnets
  • started out as an actor
stage celebrity
Stage Celebrity
  • Actor and Playwright

Lord Chamberlain’s Men

  • The House that Bill Built:

1599 Lord Chamberlain’s Company built Globe Theaterwhere most of Shakespeare's plays were performed

the theater
The Theater
  • Plays produced for the general public
  • Roofless
  • No artificial lighting
  • Courtyard surrounded by 3 levels of galleries
the groundlings
The Groundlings
  • The peasants or “Groundlings” stood and watched from the courtyard (“pit”) and were uneducated/illiterate
  • Wealthy got benches
  • Much more interaction than today
globe theatre levels
Globe Theatre Levels
  • Lower LevelTrap doors were used for ghost
  • 1st Level stage platform extended into the pit, dressing & storage rooms
  • 2ndlevel gallery (upper stage) used as balcony and as “Heavens”
shakespeare wrote
Shakespeare wrote:
  • Comedy
  • History
  • Tragedy
romeo and juliet
Romeo and Juliet
  • Written about 1595
  • Considered a tragedy
tragedy shakespearean
Tragedy (Shakespearean)
  • Drama where the central character/s suffer disaster/great misfortune. In many tragedies, downfall results from:

1. Fate

2. Character flaw/Fatal flaw

3. Combination of the two

blank verse
Blank Verse
  • Much of Romeo and Juliet is written in blank verse:
    • unrhymed verse
    • iambic (unstressed, stressed)
    • pentameter( 5 “feet” to a line)
      • ends up to be 10 syllable lines
dramatic foil
Dramatic Foil
  • A character whose purpose is to show off another character
    • Benvolio for Tybalt
dynamic character
Dynamic Character
  • Characters that changesomehow during the course of the plot. They generally change for the better.
  • Humorous use of a word with two meanings
  • sometimes missed by the reader because of Elizabethan language and sexual innuendo
dramatic irony
Dramatic Irony
  • A contradiction between what a character thinks and what the reader/audience knows to be true
  • One person speaking on stage; may be other character on stage too
    • ex > the Prince of Verona commanding the Capulets and Montagues to cease feuding
  • Long speech expressing the thoughts of a character alone on stage.
  • Words spoken, usually in an undertone not intended to be heard by all characters