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Respecting the Forest

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Respecting the Forest. By Jonas P. Animals have always been in my life. (ZooTeens) 2/20/11. Orangutans are in trouble. (Oregon Zoo) 2/20/11. Indonesia. (Climate Connections) 2/20/11. (Climate Connections) 2/20/11. (Greenpeace) 2/20/11.

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orangutans are in trouble
Orangutans arein trouble

(Oregon Zoo) 2/20/11


(Climate Connections) 2/20/11


(Climate Connections) 2/20/11

(Greenpeace) 2/20/11


How has the palm oil industry affected the Indonesian rainforest, and what can be done to help save the native environment?

(Flickr) 2/20/11

what is palm oil
What is palm oil?

(Grain) 2/20/11

too good to be true
Too good to be true?

(Unbiased Writer) 2/20/11

(World Resource Institute) 2/20/11


515 mammal species

1539 bird species

And half of all the fish species

(Bluehost) 2/20/11

(Jens Peterson) 2/20/11

(Strange Situations) 2/9/11


Borneo is home to a lot of land that is being cultivated for oil palms.

  • It is also predicted that by the time we are adults, all the animals that live there will be extinct.

( 2/20/11



  • Mining
  • Forest Fires
  • Fragmentation by roads

(Noliesradio) 2/21/11

(Greenpacks) 2/21/11


We don’t like to live in big groups. We prefer to live alone or in small groups

(Snapshot Journey) 2/21/11

(Fractal Enlightenment) 2/21/11


(Dive The World) 2/21/11

(Lets Give Orang-utan New Hopes) 2/21/11

(Terry MacIlvain) 2/21/11

(All About Wildlife) 2/21/11

farmer and orangutan conflict
Farmer and orangutan conflict

(Friends of the Earth) 2/21/11

(Cosmos) 2/21/11


This all seems pretty bad, and I know something has to change…

But what can I do?

(Twinkle Dreams) 2/21/11

not all is lost
Not all is lost


(Orangutan’s Future Generation) 2/21/11


(Greenpeace) 2/21/11


Dove Commercial

Kit Kat 1

Kit Kat 2

anne warner
Anne Warner

(Zoos Committing to Conservation) 2/21/11



(WWF) 2/21/11

thank you
Thank you!

(Mail Online) 2/21/11

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