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Visiting Student Process

Visiting Student Process. presented by Cheryl Charles 10/14/2014. Who can come to MIT as a Visiting Student (VS)?. Eligibility Students who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at an institution in the US (other than MIT) or abroad

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Visiting Student Process

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  1. Visiting Student Process presented by Cheryl Charles 10/14/2014

  2. Who can come to MIT as a Visiting Student (VS)? • Eligibility • Students who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at an institution in the US (other than MIT) or abroad • Students must be enrolled in a degree program for the entire duration of the VS stay at MIT • Length of Stay • Minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 12 months

  3. Visiting Student Restrictions • Restrictions • No course participation allowed • No on or off campus employment allowed • All research must be conducted ON MIT campus ONLY • VS status is NOT available for: • Current MIT Degree Students • Current MIT Special Students • Students who have withdrawn or are on a leave of absence • Must be on J-1 (Non-degree) Student Visa • Except for US citizen, Perm. Resident, Int’l from other US institution • Substantial funds (51% or more) must come from Non-personal source (Non-Personal funds could be government, home university funds, MIT funds, or private organization). It cannot be family funds.

  4. Visiting Student Checklist • What does RLE need? Send to: RLE-visitingstudents@mit.edu • 1) Completed MIT Visiting Student Request Form • All fields completed with accurate dates of visit • Registration and Student Activity Fees (will PI or student pay?) • 2) Invitation Letter • Template provided, please ensure accuracy • On PI’s letterhead. Follow sample letter provided • 3) Copy of inside biographical page from VS’s passport. (If your request is returned for edits, additions, etc… - re-submit entire package (items # 1 & 2 together) to speed up the process.)

  5. Visiting Student Request Process • Complete MIT Visiting Student Request Form • Completed and submitted to: RLE-visitingstudents@mit.edu at least 75 days to 90 days in advance of arrival date. ` • Processing Fee • Mandatory $1,000 must be paid by Professor from a discretionary account. • Reason for Visit • 3-4 sentences- explain why the student is visiting, and benefit to lab • Registration and Student Activity Fee • Can be paid by student or Professor. If PI is paying, a discretionary account must be used.

  6. MIT Visiting Student Request Form • The Form (handout)

  7. Visiting Student Invitation Letter • Follow the format of the sample invitation letter. • Action items are indicated in bold. • Apply that format on the PI’s letterhead. If your PI typed up the letter, edit to comply with the format provided. • Send finished documents to: RLE-visitingstudents@mit.edu.

  8. Sample Invitation Letter - use your own letterhead • The letter (handout)

  9. Visa Extension • Must be requested at least 1 month before the appointment end date- at least 40 days recommended. • End date cannot exceed the 12 month limit from a student’s original start date. • Required documents • DS-2019/VS Extension Request Form – visiting student should contact Mayoka Takemori, Mayoka@mit.edu directly for form. • Letter from host faculty including new end date, signed off by Professor – revise the original VS letter with new end date –send to RLE-visitingstudents@mit.edu. • Letter of Enrollment from the Home University • Proof of Funding

  10. Immigration Issues • PIs, Visiting Students, and or, Administrative Assistants must contact Mayoka Takemori, Mayoka@mit.edu for all immigration issues.

  11. Resources • Visiting Student website: https://web.mit.edu/iso/iso/visiting/visitor.shtml • Training site: https://stellar.mit.edu/S/project/rle-aa/materials.html • RLE online fillable forms: http://www.rle.mit.edu/services/online-services/ • Handouts; • Who can Come to MIT as a Visiting Student • Estimated Monthly Expenses for a Visiting Student • MIT Visiting Student Request Form • Sample Invitation Letter

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