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Constitution Revision. Brian Dodd Brasov, Sept 2007. Why Revise?. Not updated for a long time and has become out of date. Written before the electronic communications age. Some aspects are unworkable and therefore are not being followed. Process.

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Constitution revision

Constitution Revision

Brian Dodd

Brasov, Sept 2007

Why revise
Why Revise?

  • Not updated for a long time and has become out of date.

  • Written before the electronic communications age.

  • Some aspects are unworkable and therefore are not being followed.


  • IRPA EC individuals and a working group reviewed and revised.

  • Executive Council discussed and revised further.

  • Sent to Associate Societies in time to bring to the General Assembly at IRPA-12

  • Vote will be in 3 or 4 stages:

    • Basic revisions

    • Two or three separate amendments

Basic revision 1
Basic Revision (1)

  • Corrected English, format, added revision date.

  • Made gender neutral.

  • Expectation of an International Congress changed from 3 to 4 years.

  • Changed dues date from Dec 31 to Jan 31 to avoid holidays

  • Moved some of Executive Officer responsibilities to the Treasurer for easier functioning.

Basic revision 2
Basic Revision (2)

  • Deleted the requirement for all dues to be the same. Now dues decided at International Congress General Assembly.

  • Treasurer revisions – another slide.

  • Clarified text regarding International Congresses and Regional Congress

  • Added the definition of “country” to be consistent with the UN definition.

  • Changed assumption of hard copy to electronic communication.

Basic revision 3
Basic Revision (3)

  • Added requirement of new members to have a Code of Ethics (or adopt IRPA one)

  • Deleted Article II, Section 3 regarding trade unions…appears unnecessary and out of date.

  • Changed some deadlines related to the International Congressess for ease of administration and to account for the electronic age.

Basic revision treasurer
Basic Revision (Treasurer)

  • Deleted requirement for two signatures on checks and wires because it is unworkable and has not been done.

  • Treasurer can disperse funds in accordance with budget

  • Revised audit requirement to allow for reviews as well. Following advice and guidance from our USA CPA. Audit has a very precise definition and it is very difficult to find anyone to do one for us and would be very expensive if we did.

Basic revision treasurer1
Basic Revision (Treasurer)

  • Removed the requirement for the submission of a list of members names, addresses and membership status.

  • Other consistent revisions in Treasurer section.

Amendment 1
Amendment 1

  • Changed Article VII, Section 2 to require that there be at least one member from each region of the world.

  • Details to be in the Rules

Amendment 2
Amendment 2

  • Added new Article VII, Section 6 to allow advisors to the EC.

    • Likely examples include Past President, Chair of ICPC…

Other amendments
Other Amendments?

  • Allow for ‘expressions of interest’ with regard to future congress eight years in advance.

  • Others…