Boost your communication skills using sign language
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Boost Your Communication Skills Using Sign Language - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sign language is an easy way to learn vocabulary, sentence structure, finger spelling, multiple meaning words, grammar & many more things. Sign Language helps to improve communication and develop skills of deaf pupils. Sign Language Interpreters play an important role in that. The presentation will give you a brief idea on how sign language came into existence how it has been helping people ever since.

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Things to cover
Things to Cover

  • Introduction to Sign Language

  • History of Sign Language

  • Sign Language - Fun Facts

  • Types of Sign Language

  • Who uses Sign Language?

  • What percentage of the World is Dependent on Sign Language?

  • Why is Sign Language Important?

  • The Role of Sign Language Interpreters

  • Communication made simpler with Sign Language

  • Conclusion

Sign language

  • Manual communication & body language to convey meaning, as opposed to acoustically conveyed sound patterns.

  • You can also used a different medium

    • Hands

    • Facial expressions

    • Eyes

History of sign language
History of Sign Language

  • Aristotle the first to have a claim recorded about the deaf.

  • Geronimo Cardano, an Italian mathematician & physician educated his deaf son using written words.

  • In 1960, William Stokoe, a scholar and hearing professor at Gallaudet University, published a dissertation that proved ASL is a genuine language

Boost your communication skills using sign language

  • ASL was henceforth recognized as a national language.

  • Laura Bridgman first deaf-blind person to be educated

  • 1771 established the first public free deaf

  • In 1995, a woman named Heather Whitestone became the first deaf woman to be named Miss America in the Miss America pageant. 

Sign language fun facts
Sign Language - Fun Facts

  • It is the fourth most used language in the US.

  • Deaf History Month is observed from March 13th to April 15th every year.

  • Hundreds of sign language dialects in use around the world

  • Each culture has developed its own form of sign language

Types of sign language
Types of Sign Language

  • American Sign Language (ASL)

  • British Sign Language (BSL)

  • Signed English (SE)

  • Sign Supported English (SSE)

  • International Sign (IS)

  • Finger Spelling

Who uses sign language
Who uses Sign Language?

The class of people that use sign language :

  • Deaf People

  • Sign language newscasters

  • Some parents also teach their babies sign language to enhance their communication skills

What percentage of the world is dependent on sign language
What percentage of the World is Dependent on Sign Language?

  • ASL is currently the sixth most-used language in the US

  • ASL is the language of a sizeable minority.

  • Estimates range from 500,000 to two million speakers in the US

  • ASL is now used by approximately one-half million Deaf people in the US and Canada.

Why is sign language important
Why is Sign Language Important?

  • Sign language plays the major role in developing Deaf identity

  • It is the Mother tongue language of Deaf children

  • Use Sign language in education

  • Sign language are a linguistic and legal aspect

The role of sign language interpreters
The Role of Sign Language Interpreters

  • Converts spoken language into sign language

  • Work for schools, hospitals or government agencies

  • Listening carefully to, or watching, what is said or signed

  • Interpreting everything that is said or signed

Communication made simpler with sign language
Communication made simpler with Sign Language

  • Sign Language is a method of presenting thoughts via pictures or actions made using hands.

  • Sign Language is a great way to train the dumb and the deaf.

  • Makes communication simpler with the facial expressions.


What did you learn from this?

  • Not the same hand shape is used in every sign language.

  • Sign Language plays a vital role in life.

  • Signing is not only used by the deaf, it is also used by people who can hear, but cannot physically speak.

  • Sign languages show the same linguistic properties and use the same language faculty as do spoken languages.

  • Hundreds of sign languages are in use around the world.











Boost your communication skills using sign language

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