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Enterprise Risk Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

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Enterprise Risk Management

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  1. Enterprise Risk Management

  2. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) systems identify and set controls over the multitude of risks your organisation faces each day. These risks include physical damage caused by environmental factors; cybercrime; system fails and blackouts; economic stressors; industry, sector and marketplace disruptions; compliance and governance challenges.

  3. Utilizing an ERM strategy facilitates informed and strategic decision-making in pursuit of enticing business opportunities while at the same time reducing your level of exposure to risk events. From the C-Suite to the Board Room, your organisation can move forward with confidence, knowing that there's a strategy in place to manage whatever threats may appear on the horizon.

  4. The system creates and imports risk statements based on the nature of your company, its business units, supply chains, and distributors. Parameters are set to be responsive to all levels of risk tolerance and can shift based on fluctuating risk appetite. Parapet ERM anticipates risks in all industries, so it has the tools to protect your organization regardless of the industry in which it competes. The ERM includes support for virtually all sets of

  5. BENEFITS It clarifies the sources of threats to your enterprise, giving you the information you need to develop an appropriate protective, defense strategy. You'll make better decisions because you know your data and operations are generating reliable, accurate information. Your company's performance will improve as the ERM reveals bottlenecks and improves efficiencies.

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