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“One Child At A Time”

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“One Child At A Time” . Nakimia Agnew, LMSW, CFLE Children’s Advocacy Center Director Shelia Davis, CLFE Program Director The Family Resource Center of Northeast Mississippi February 3, 2012 Kid’s Count . Children’s Advocacy Centers .

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“One Child At A Time”

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one child at a time

“One Child At A Time”

Nakimia Agnew, LMSW, CFLE

Children’s Advocacy Center Director

Shelia Davis, CLFEProgram Director

The Family Resource Center of Northeast Mississippi

February 3, 2012

Kid’s Count

children s advocacy centers

Children’s Advocacy Centers

One in four girls

and one in six boys

will be sexually abused before the age of eight

child abuse prevention

Child Abuse Prevention

The Blue Ribbon Story

The Blue Ribbon Child Abuse Prevention Campaign had its early beginnings following the death of a very young child.

In spring 1989, Bonnie Finney, a Virginia grandmother received the devastating news that her beloved grandson had died of injuries inflicted by his parents. In an expression of her grief and outrage, this grandmother did something that has given us a symbol, around which we rally for the cause of child abuse prevention.

She tied a blue ribbon to the antenna of her van as a way to remember "the bruised and battered body of her grandson" and to alert her community to the tragedy of child abuse.In Bonnie's own words: The blue ribbon serves as a constant reminder to fight for protection of our children.Please wear a blue ribbon. Put one on your car. Give one to your friends. Tell them what it means. You may save a child's life!Her simple idea, to wear or display a blue ribbon to show support for her child abuse prevention was picked up by grassroots organizations across the country.The act of one grandmother thousands of miles away leads us to this day. Just think what could happen if each one of us helped to spread the word to a few of the people that wecome in contact with each day. The groundswell of support that would follow just might be enough to move us towards the day when our homes and communities are completely safe.

everybody somebody anybody nobody by charles osgood
Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobodyby Charles Osgood

There was a most important job that needed to be done,And no reason NOT to do it, there was absolutely none.

But in vital matters such as this the thing you have to ask,is WHO exactly will it be who’ll carry out this task.

ANYBODY could have told you that EVERYBODY knew,that this was something SOMEBODY would surely have to do.

NOBODY was unwilling, ANYBODY had the ability,but NOBODY thought he was supposed to be the one.

It seemed to be a job that ANYBODY could have done,If ANYBODY thought he was supposed to be the one.

But since EVERYBODY recognized that ANYBODY could,EVERYBODY took for granted that SOMEBODY would.

But NOBODY told ANYBODT that we are aware of,That he would be in charge of seeing it was taken care of.

And NOBODY took it on himself to follow through and DO,What EVERYBODY thought that SOMEBODY would do.

When what EVERYBODY needs so did not get done at all,EVERYBODY was complaining that SOMEBODY dropped the ball.

ANYBODY then could see it was an awful crying shame,And EVERYBODY looked around for SOMEBODY to blame.

SOMEBODY should have done the job and EVERYBODY would have,But in the end NOBODY did what ANYBOY could have.





what can i do to help

What can I do to help?

Become educated about child abuse

Know the resources available in your area

Host events to promote awareness

Be an active voice for a child

Know that it is real and it is in your community

Founded in 1994 the FRC continues to provide an variety of services to families in NEMS

Parenting Education

Healthy Relationships Education

Responsible Fatherhood Programs

Abstinence Education/ Youth Development Programs

Domestic Violence Programs


the starfish

   The Starfish

An old man was walking down the beach just before dawn.  In the distance he saw a young man picking up stranded starfish and throwing them back into the sea.  As the old man approached the young man, he asked; "Why do you spend so much energy doing what seems to be a waste of time?"  The young man explained that the stranded starfish would die if left in the morning sun.  "But there must be thousands of beaches and millions of starfish, exclaimed the old man.  "How can your efforts make any difference?"  The young man looked down at the small starfish in his hand and as he threw it to safety in the sea, he said;        

"It makes a difference to this one!"