Fast communication for multi core sopc
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Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering High Speed Digital Systems Lab. Spring 2007. Fast Communication for Multi – Core SOPC. Supervisor: Evgeny Fiksman Performed by: Moshe Bino Alex Tikh. Table of Contents. General.

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Fast communication for multi core sopc

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering

High Speed Digital Systems Lab

Spring 2007

Fast Communication for Multi – Core SOPC

Supervisor: Evgeny Fiksman

Performed by:

Moshe Bino

Alex Tikh


  • Programmable hardware chips present a wide base for developing SOPC systems.

  • SOPC systems include generic soft-core processor called Microblaze and basic programmable elements.

  • MPI – Message Passing Interface enable working with fast communication.

Project goals
Project goals

  • Implementation of mini distributed core system using MPI router .

  • Build an infrastructure for fast communication in multi-core system.

  • Build a designated C/C++ application to show the advantages of working with parallel system.


Development environment

  • Embedded Development Kit (EDK) is a suite of tools and IP* that enables to design a complete embedded processor system.

  • Integrated Software Environment (ISE) - software development tools that allow to circumvent some of designing complexity.

* IP = Intellectual property


Development environment

  • The Virtex-II Pro FPGA contain platform for designs that are based on IP cores and customized modules.

  • The MicroBlaze core is a 32-bit RISC* Harvard architecture soft processor core with 32 general purpose registers, ALU, and a rich instruction set optimized for embedded applications.

*RISC = Register Instruction Set Computer



  • The top design will include 4 MicroBlaze processors connected by direct point to point Fast Simplex Links (FSLs) for interprocessor communication.

  • FSL Bus is a uni-directional point-to-point communication channel bus used to perform fast communication between any two design elements on the FPGA when implementing an interface to the FSL bus.


Kit used – XUP Virtex - II Pro Board

Test debbug
Test & Debbug

Unit test

  • ModelSim is a simulation and debug environment, combining high performance with powerful and intuitive GUI.

  • ChipScope Pro inserts logic analyzer, bus analyzer, and Virtual I/O low-profile software cores directly into your design, allowing to view any internal signal or node, including embedded hard or soft processors.

Test debug
Test & Debug

Chip scope pro system block diagram

Test debbug1
Test & Debbug

System test

  • Run a test application - create small application and look for expected results. If expectations are not met, debug with Xilinx Microprocessor Debugger tool (XMD) which is a software debugger for a multi-processor system.

Time table mid term
Time Table – Mid Term

Time table first semester
Time Table – first semester

Time table second semester
Time Table – second semester

  • Build a quad core system

  • Implementing router for 4 processors

  • Test and debug

  • Run a test application