the witch of blackbird pond n.
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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

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The Witch of Blackbird Pond - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Chapter 1-4 . Group 1. Wistfully - Longing or yearning for (wanting) Aloof- at a distance (mentally); indifferent and disinterested Daub – to cover or coat. To smear on Furtively- taken by stealth or secret; sly; shifty

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Presentation Transcript
group 1
Group 1
  • Wistfully - Longing or yearning for (wanting)
  • Aloof- at a distance (mentally); indifferent and disinterested
  • Daub – to cover or coat. To smear on
  • Furtively- taken by stealth or secret; sly; shifty
  • Punctilious- extremely attentive, strict, exact
  • Intangible- not definitely or clear to the mind. Unable to touch
  • Constraint- repression of natural feelings and impulses
group 2
Group 2
  • Reproof- the act of censuring
  • Abstracted- lostinthought;deeplyengrossedorpreoccupied.
  • Nondescript- undistinguishedoruninteresting;dullorinsipid
  • Regal-of or pertaining to a king; royal: befitting or resembling a king. stately; splendid.
  • Tremulous- characterized by trembling, as from fear, nervousness, or weakness. 2. timid; timorous; fearful. 3. (of things) vibratory, shaking, or quivering.
  • Unseemly - inappropriate for time or place
  • Deft- nimble, skillful, clever
group 3
Group 3
  • Dour- sullen; gloomy. severe; stern. barren;rocky,infertile
  • Nonchalance- cool indifference or lack of concern; casualness.
  • Cow- to frighten with threats, violence, etc.; intimidate; overawe.
  • Shrew- a woman of violent temper and speech; termagant.
  • Dregs- the sediment of liquids; lees; grounds. 2. the least valuable part of anything 3. a small remnant; any small quantity.
  • Imperceptive- obtuse; unaware; not understanding
  • Wan- of an unnatural or sickly pallor; showing or suggesting ill health, fatigue, unhappiness; dark or gloomy
group 4
Group 4
  • Cavernous- deep-set; hollow and deep-sounding; full of small cavities; porous
  • Haughty- 1. proud, snobbish, scornfully arrogant; 2. lofty or noble, exalted
  • Coarse- lacking in fineness or delicacy of texture; harsh or grating
  • Paduasoy- a slightly corded, strong, rich, silk fabric
  • Frippery- showy or gaudy dress
  • Gaudy- brilliantly or excessively shown; cheaply showy in a tasteless way, flashy
  • Irksome- annoying, irritating, tiresome; causing weariness or disgust
group 5
Group 5
  • Sodden- soaked with liquid or moisture; saturated 2. bloated, as in the face 3. heavy, lumpy, or soggy- food that is poorly cooked 4. having a soaked appearance
  • Tantalize- to torment with the sight of something desired but out of reach
  • Wraith- a visible spirit
  • Quenched- to satisfy ; to put out or extinguish; to cool suddenly by plunging into a liquid
  • Shrewd- astute or sharp in practical matters; keen; piercing
  • Stench- an offensive smell or odor; stink; a foul quality
  • Incredulous- indicating or showing disbelief; not credible, not inclined to believe; skeptical
group 6
Group 6
  • Implore- to beg urgently or piteously as for aid or mercy
  • Grotesque- odd or unnatural in shape, appearance or character
  • Pewter- any of various alloys in which tin is the chief material, originally one of tin and lead
  • Chagrin- a feeling of vexation; marked by disappointment or humiliation
  • Vanity – excessive pride in one’s appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc- conceited
  • Carding- the process in which fibers are manipulated into sliver form prior to spinning
  • Monotonous- lack in variety