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  1. Ethics • What you must do to be Ethical in your project • Dave Inman Ethics

  2. 1. Outline • What is Ethics? • Why is it important? • What must I do? Ethics • What must I do? Project Proposal • Where can I get more information? Ethics

  3. 2. What is Ethics? • Google: Don’t be evil • BCS: Code of Conduct e.g. “You shall reject and shall not make any offer of bribery or inducement.” • IEEE: 10 guidelinese.g. “5. to improve the understanding of technology, its appropriate application, and potential consequences;9. to avoid injuring others, their property, reputation, or employment by false or malicious action;” • See Refs at end of slides Ethics

  4. 2. What is Ethics? • What do you think is Unethical? Ethics

  5. 2. What is Ethics? General considerations: • IEEE: • “8. to treat fairly all persons regardless of such factors as race, religion, gender, disability, age, or national origin; • 10. to assist colleagues and co-workers in their professional development and to support them in following this code of ethics.” • BCS: • “You shall not disclose or authorise to be disclosed, or use for personal gain or to benefit a third party, confidential information except with the permission of your relevant authority, or at the direction of a court of law.” Ethics

  6. 2. What is Ethics? I.T. Specific • Don’t create SPAM • Don’t PHISH • Don’t create a Virus, Trojan …. • Don’t hold confidential data in a database without permission • Don’t do illegal copying / downloading • Don’t use company I.T. resources for personal use • Do consider social consequences of your software / research • ….. Ethics

  7. 3. Why is it important? • To be within the law. • To sell your software often requires Ethical approval. • Computing bodies such as the BCS require Ethical declarations to approve software • Personal morality: so you don’t feel guilty and can be part of the wider ‘community’ Ethics

  8. 4. What must I do? – Ethics declaration • New* University regulations this year… • You cannot take the project this year unless you have ethical approval. • This means… • You will need to complete a survey checklist and sign this • Get your supervisor to sign it – keep a copy for yourself. • You may need to complete a declaration as well – the survey checklist shows you if you need to do this. Your supervisor must sign this as well. • An ethics committee will meet to agree your signed declaration and let your supervisor know the result. Without this ethical approval you cannot complete your project. Ethics

  9. 4. Ethics declaration: the steps • You complete a survey checklist and sign this • You discuss the checklist with your supervisor. • Supervisor signs checklist. • You may need to complete a declaration as well – the survey checklist shows you if you need to do this. • Your supervisor must agree and sign this as well. • You keep a copy. • Your supervisor keeps the original and passes it to the Ethics committee • I convene the committee and we approve your declararation or pass it back with comments to your supervisor. • Your supervisor meets you and tells you the good news (approval) or the need to make changes. • Repeat steps 1-9 if necessary until approval. • Without approval by end of term you must defer your project. Ethics

  10. 5. What must I do? Project proposal • At the same time as you complete an Ethics declaration, you must complete a project proposal. • This must also be agreed and signed by your supervisor • See Google>Dave Inman>Projects>Proposal • Proposal is a series of 10 questions that you should answer • Around 6 -10 sides of A4 Ethics

  11. 5. Project proposal : project definition 3 sides A4 • 1. What is the project about? [half - one page A4] • 2. Why is the project important for me? [1/4 page A4] • 3. Why is the project important for others? [1/4 page A4] • 4. What question/s will I answer when my project is complete? [one page A4] • 5. How will I try and answer these questions? [one page A4] Ethics

  12. 5. Project proposal : sources /plan 2 sides A4 • 6. Where will I look to see what other have done already? [half page A4] • 7. How will I judge the quality of the sources I use? [1/4 page A4] • [The internet detective helps you evaluate the quality of web sites for example and look at finding information for your project by our librarian Rebecca Fong ] • 8. What will I do in each month of the project? [one page A4] • * October* November* December* January* March* April* May Ethics

  13. 5. Project proposal : research / ethics 1 side A4 • 9. What sources have I started to read, and why are they useful? [one page A4] • 10. Where did I look to find about ethical considerations and what did I find for my project? [1/4 page A4] [Check ethics for some ideas] Ethics

  14. 6. Where can I get more information? • Project Web Guide: Google>Dave Inman>Projects> • This presentation …>Projects>More>Slides • Ethics …>Projects>Ethics • • There you will find the survey checklistthat you must complete and your supervisor must sign • Proposal…>Projects>Proposal • Guidelines • BCS: • IEEE: • Ethics