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Web Services and Mobile solutions

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Web Services and Mobile solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web Services and Mobile solutions. Ken Mathers Senior Consultant NZ. What are Web Services. Method to distribute data without copying Used to provide data for Web applications Used to supply Vector, Raster and catalog data Includes discoverability Simplify End User role

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Web Services and Mobile solutions

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web services and mobile solutions
Web Services and Mobile solutions

Ken Mathers

Senior Consultant NZ

what are web services
What are Web Services

Method to distribute data without copying

Used to provide data for Web applications

Used to supply Vector, Raster and catalog data

Includes discoverability

Simplify End User role

Includes security and roles

web services and sdi
Web Services and SDI

SDI concepts (Spatial Data Infrastructure)

Maintain data in source format

Store data only once

‘Access’ data rather than copy it

Principles validated at recent Plugfest


  • OGC Compliant WFS, WMS, WCS, etc
  • Any other agreed standards. (The great thing about standards is that there are so many of them…)
some practical examples
Some Practical examples

iPad Field GIS activities

iPhone Crowd Source GIS


intergraph mobile maps hd
Intergraph Mobile Maps [HD]

Mobile Maps [HD] for view/edit on iPad

Mobile Maps for viewing on iPhone

user management
User management
  • If the device is registered with Intergraph the user can log in with username & password
  • For high security implementations the solution supports two-factor login using OTP-tokens (one time passwords)
  • Access control is implemented in the following ways;
    • Device ID (UUID)


    • Username/password


    • OTP-token
user management1
User management
  • If the user is authorized a list of configurations assigned to the user is listed
  • Each configuration is defined by an administrator using XML
  • Unlimited number of configurations can be implemented if demanded
  • Configuration-XML is described elsewhere
user interface ipad overall
User Interface (iPad) - Overall
  • The user interface consists of a large map window and a top toolbar
  • The top tool bar has the following buttons/functions (from left to right);
    • Centre map on current GPS-coordinate
    • Open Layer menu
    • Load new configuration (returns to configuration list)
    • Add new feature (only visible if at least one

editable feature class exists in the configuration)

architecture overall
Architecture – overall
  • The solution can be implemented in every existing “GIS infrastructure” that is OGC-compliant;
    • WMS
    • WFS
    • WFS-T (transactional WFS)
  • If the customer’s infrastructure supports WFS but not WFS-T the solution has an option to include a “WFS-T proxy” that can be implemented as an alternative
  • If the customer do not have an OGC-compliant infrastructure Intergraph can host the solution in Intergraph’s Amazon cloud-infrastructure
  • The next slides will show a variety of possible implementations …
intergraph mobile alert
Intergraph Mobile Alert

Mobile Alert – iPhone app for field mapping

Crowdsourcing: A Definition

Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call

mobile alert what s it all about
Mobile Alert – What’s it all about
  • Is an easy tool for citizens to report incidents to the municipalities, utility companies and other territorial authorities.
  • It works on both iOS and Android devices
  • The backend is running in Amazon’s EC2 cloud
  • The backend is based on GeoMediaWebMap and SDI Pro
  • Bing Address Service is used for geocoding incoming incidents
  • Cloud service from Intergraph global
mobile alert new zealand app
Mobile Alert – New Zealand App
  • 12 categories
    • Waste on Street
    • Pothole
    • Graffiti
    • Overflowing rubbish
    • Broken pavement
    • Wrong signage
    • Disaster damage
    • Broken signpost
    • Dead animals
    • No/broken streetlight
    • Vandalism
    • Other
  • Single App for all NZ entities – uses TLA boundary data
  • Intergraph will host the service in the Cloud
  • Subscription service by councils and utilities
  • Plan to start operating soon
proposed new zealand subscriptions
Proposed New Zealand subscriptions
  • The municipalities and utility companies can subscribe to Mobile Alert
  • 3 types of subscriptions: Gold, Silver and Bronze
    • Bronze sends the incidents daily by email for free (!)
    • Silver sends to up to 12 email addresses with more detailed information
    • Gold gives real-time access to a range of webservices with WFS feed
  • Alternatively, we can implement dedicated internal solutions using the same architecture
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Intergraph NZ

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Security, Government & Infrastructure

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