use of mobile application in personal and professional life n.
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Use of Mobile Application In Personal and Professional Life PowerPoint Presentation
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Use of Mobile Application In Personal and Professional Life

Use of Mobile Application In Personal and Professional Life

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Use of Mobile Application In Personal and Professional Life

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  1. Use of Mobile Application In Personal and Professional Life

  2. Current scenario of the Mobile is the most growing tech factor in the IT industry. There are most of the companies engaged in the mobile development field In the past few years. A study by Facebook indicates that more than 100 million of Facebook’s 500 million users are using mobile phones to manage their account. With impressive business apps that will support persons to maintain their business that's why the mobile development process is full of competitions across the world. In past days mobile phone was only used for talking and messaging. But now this concept is totally changed by creating user friendly mobile device applications. Current Scenario of Mobile

  3. The use of mobile is increasing day by day in the world due to some important various things. The mobile phones have completely taken the world within their stride and they are becoming powerful, useful and full of fun with each passing day. Someone says that when these smart phones get into the hands of a right kind of user, then they can open the whole world for you. With their ability to make phone calls and browse the Internet these have Mobile Apps, or Applications, and will allow you to do all sorts of interesting things with your phone. There are around 2 million mobile applications available globally under different categories like communications, games, chatting, social networking, business communications, emails, fax, browsing and surfing etc. Use of Mobile Application

  4. . The use of Mobile Applications in Social Media Now days new interesting social media applications are made such as Facebook apps, twitter apps, Google plus and lots other. You can create your own interest community and connect with your dears and nears.

  5. There are various game applications for mobile users. They can install interesting gamed in their mobile and enjoy their time everyday and every where. Fun Applications

  6. Travels Applications Mobile users can get information's about tours and travels and also get information about exact locations from anywhere. This application also useful for online ticket booking, railway reservations, hotels booking etc.

  7. Health application are application programs that offer health-related knowledge and services on Smartphone and tablet PCs. There are many varieties of health apps available for purchase from app stores which are really helpful for patient. Some are designed to help consumers make healthier choices in their everyday life by offering advice about fitness or nutrition. Others help doctors and patients communicate from afar, like apps for diabetics that automatically sent glucose readings to their primary care physicians. Health Applications

  8. Business app is an application program that are used by business users to perform various business functions. Business applications are used to increase productivity, to measure productivity and to perform business functions accurately. The business owner build his own business related applications and provide easy services to its customers. His clients and visitors can directly get more information about his services through his business applications and can chat with business executive directors from any country and any city. Business Applications