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Lab Safety

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Lab Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DO NOW : There is a student survey on the teacher desk; please take 1 copy and begin to complete (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE COMPLETE SENTENCES). They will be collected but will not be graded

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DO NOW: There is a student survey on the teacher desk; please take 1 copy and begin to complete (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE COMPLETE SENTENCES). They will be collected but will not be graded

  • ***Don’t forget to place your HW (syllabus and text scavenger hunt) in the In Box on the teacher desk!***
  • ****Have your covered textbooks on your desk and ready to show***
  • Read and Study (‘R & S’) 1.1-1.5. Complete the handout (you’ll get this later in class) (WORTH 5 POINTS).
  • Also - complete the Student Survey (not graded, but will be collected)
  • Review the textbook scavenger hunt
  • Lab Scav. Hunt / Lab Safety ( only some class sections)
  • Learn how to use clickers
lab safety
Lab Safety
  • Lab Scavenger Hunt - You have 5 minutes to SAFELY complete this. You may CALMLY walkaround the lab. DO NOT touch any of the lab equipment/ computers.
  • The lab rules are being passed out. We will review as a class. Questions? Ask!
  • The lab contracts are being passed out. Please take a copy and sign. The teacher will collect it.

Questions from last class’ exit slips

How often do we have labs? How many labs do we complete in this class?

Do we get homework every night?

Will we use the fume hood?

Will tests ever count for more than 200 points?

What is the first chapter we’re learning?

How would you cite a poster if you look at it and get an idea from it?

How come we don’t use chemicals (not that I want to!) 

Is there going to be a lot of hands on stuff?

What exactly is Physics?

What are some interesting activities we will do?

Is this class going to be difficult?

Do you provide after school help? Are you available on lunch days?

Will we be assigned lab stations?

How do you base your grades?

Will this class be easier if you are taking Alg. 1?

Is it bad to be in Conceptual Physics?




Book Scavenger Hunt


Some of the basics first.....

  • Use the TABLE OF CONTENTS to answer these questions:
  • The book is divided into 6 UNITS. List them.
  • Which UNIT sounds the most interesting to YOU?
  • 3. Each unit is divided into a few CHAPTERS. Which unit has the most chapters?
  • 4. How many CHAPTERS are in the whole book?

The sections....

  • Each CHAPTER is broken up into smaller SECTIONS.
  • When you are assigned “Reading Homework”, it refers to the section numbers.
  • 5. If your homework was to read sections 8.6 – 8.9, what pages would you read?
  • 6. If your homework was to read sections 32.1 – 32.2, what pages would you read?

The author....

  • Mr. Hewitt, the author of our book is very famous in physics education.
    • Read the letter Mr. Hewitt wrote
    • to YOU on page xix.
  • 7. According to Mr. Hewitt, was is the key to understanding physics?
  • Read “About the Author” on the back of the title page.
  • 8. What was Mr. Hewitt’s job before becoming a physicist?
  • 9. At what age did Mr. Hewitt start college?

Concepts Before Computation

  • Find the page right after the Table of Contents that says “Concepts Before Computation”
  • You may have friends or family members who attend other high schools that teach “Traditional High School Physics”…in other words, take sciences in the Bio-Chem-Physics order. A big part of those classes is using and solving equations.
  • THIS class is not necessarily easier, it is just a different approach to teaching physics.
  • Look at the picture of the kids on the brick wall.
  • How would you describe Hewitt’s view of Traditional Physics?
  • What are the 3 steps in the Learning Sequence for Conceptual Physics?

Other parts of the book....

There are parts in the back of the book that we will use often.

In Appendix F there is problem solving practice.

12. If you were assigned CH 11 Problem Solving Practice # 1-6, on what page would you look?

Use the GLOSSARY in the back of the book to find..

13. The definition of LIGHT YEAR

14. In what SECTION (see the number in parenthesis) is the term ENERGY introduced?

Use the INDEX in the very back of the book to find….

15. What pages are about Color?

16. What pages are about Friction?


Let's look at a Chapter...

go to the first page of Chapter 10

  • What is the title of CH 10?
  • How many sections are in CH 10?
  • What do the little blue triangles point to?
  • Which figure in CH 10 shows the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
  • Notice the green squares at the questions Where are the answers to the questions?
  • The BOLD PRINT words will often be our vocabulary words. They are introduced throughout the chapter and listed at the end of the chapter under KEY TERMS
  • 22. How many KEY TERMS are in CH 10 ?


The other parts at the end of each chapter that we will use are the Concept Summary and the Review Questions.

23. When might you use the Concept Summary?

24. What kind of hint is given for each question in the

“Review Questions”?


Physics ID numbers:

Alphabetical order

Not the same as RHS student ID #

Not for any classes other than physics!

Goes on the TOP LEFT of ALL PAPERS in physics

Clicker numbers:

You will take (and return) the same clicker each time we use clickers

Your clicker # is the same as your Physics ID, but with a ‘5’ in front of it

Clickers need to be returned in numerical order!

Write these #s down!!!



Channel (wait for it to blink)

4 1


(it should light up green)

complete the word r b i s i l
Complete the word: R_B_I_S_I_L_
  • O E H B Y N
  • O B N V L E
  • S F K A F E
  • G D G L O O
my favorite season is
My favorite season is…
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Fall
  • Summer
my favorite subject is
My favorite subject is…
  • Math
  • English
  • Science
  • Art
  • Phys Ed
  • History/ Social Studies
  • Foreign language
  • Computer class
  • Music
  • None of the above
what math class are you currently taking
What math classare you currently taking?
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Honors Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry andAlgebra 2