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  1. SALES

  2. ABOUT IT LOGIC • IT LOGIC (U) LTD is an IT Support Company founded and registered in July 2010 under the Registrar of Companies. • Our goal is to exceed the expectations of each one of our clients by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency. • Our Solutions are aimed at improving the performance of your IT System hence enhancing the efficiency of your resources. We understand your needs and therefore offer affordable and appropriate solutions as you grow. With our functional and technical expertise combined with hands-on experience of our support team, we ensure that our clients receive the most effective and professional service. • As experienced professionals in Computers and Networks Systems Support, IT LOGIC (U) LTD is involved in every stage of IT planning, designing, budgeting and costing hence developing a competitive solution that will suite you. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of IT Planning, Costing, implementation and maintenance, providing functional and technical training and support, and resolving any and all troubleshooting issues that arise when the computer users are adapting to changing Technologies. • IT LOGIC (U) LTD is confident that our clients will benefit in our young and determined team of engineers and we intend to grow with you as we evolve with change IT needs.

  3. OUR STAFF IT Logic is comprised of a qualified, honesty and experienced Team.

  4. OUR SUPPORT PACKAGES • I-WUK • I-PROwuk • Iowuk • ICOWuk • Sky-wuk

  5. I-WUK • I-WUK IT Logic offers technical support to small enterprises. It offers computer repairs and maintenance, Networking Solutions and affordable backup solutions. This support goes to Clients of this nature;   Business just starting up   Small enterprises that are already in business   Internet Cafes

  6. I-PROwuk IT Logic offers support to Medium enterprises that are fully established and have the funds to acquire licenses.  Office Networking   Computer Repairs and Maintenance   Backup Solutions   Server Builds basing on Windows Server   Mail Solutions like Exchange • Licensed firewall solutions

  7. Iowuk This support still goes to Medium Enterprise that are already in business but due to financial constraints, we adapt Linux environment. We offer the following;   Office Networking   Computer Repairs and Maintenance   Backup Solutions   Server Builds basing on Linux   Mail Solutions basing on Linux   Firewall Solutions basing on Linux   Linux Ticketing Solutions

  8. Skywuk With the advancement in technology, Businesses are now adopting to cloud computing. We therefore offer cloud services to clients basing on their need;   Cloud backup Solutions. • VPN Soluions   Website Designing and Maintenance.   Database setup and management. • Intranet

  9. ICOWuk IT Logic offers consultancy in the IT Field to any company Small, Medium and NGOs. We audit your network , find loop holes and give you advise on how best you can use IT to improve on your Business. Beside this, we also offer temporary staffing incase a client needs full time IT Support

  10. TRAINNING PACKAGES • i-Wuk starter • i-Wuk Core • Skywuk

  11. i-WUK Starter; As the name states “starter”, I –Wuk starter is a training course for computer starters. A student who applies for this course is given basic knowledge on computing. Below are the course units within i-wuk starter;   How computer software and hardware operate together.   Navigating through Windows Operating System   Microsoft Packages i.e. Word, Excel and Power Point   Internet Experience Benefits Achieved on Applying for this Course; • Secretary.

  12. i-WUK Plus At the end of the first course, students interested in Technical Work or Accounting can take over this course, A student will have the following course units depending on their Preferences i.e. Technical or Accounting. Technical  Computer Part Identification   Assembling and Disassembling of computers   Computer Repair and maintenance  Networking Benefits got from this course; • Job creation by starting up computer repair work shop • Internet Café setup and management.

  13. I-Wuk CORE • This is the core of a more advanced computer course where someone is taught Server Setup and Management based on Windows or Linux according to their interest. Linux; Ubuntu Server setupFirewallMail based on Zimbra , Zarafa, Open Change and Webmail. Domain Control ServicesDHCPDNSFile and Print Sharing Services Windows; Windows Server SetupDomain Service SetupMail Set up based on Exchange 2013 DHCPDNS DHCP

  14. Skywuk A student interested in this course will get knowledge on Cloud computing and the course units are;   Website Designing and Maintenance   Software Development   Database setup and management.

  15. THANK YOU IT Logic (U) Ltd, Plot 703 GreencavesBuddo, Wakiso P.O.BOX 30894Kampala, Office Line:+25639302769

  16. Nankumba Joanna Anna Email; Technical Manager