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  1. Sales

  2. Definition • Interaction between two people that end in the exchange of products of value, whether it be money, material goods, or information.

  3. Sales Process Life Cycle • 1. Prospecting - Determine and analyze the target audience of the product. • 2. Initial Contact - Expose the target to the product/services. Make them aware enough of it to build a first impression. • 3. Sales Presentation - Appeal to the potential customers, lure and bait them until they start liking it. • 4. Handling Objections - Cut off all escape routes. Turn the board over and intercept all their complaints with the undeniable greatness of your product.

  4. Sales Process Life Cycle • 5. Closing the Sale - Exploit all signs of weakness, then quickly get them to sign the devil's contract when they are ready to buy; before they get the chance to take it back. • 6. Follow-Up and Service after the Sale - Keep them ensnared once they're caught. Get them attached to you, the product, then the company as a whole so the do not even think of escaping the diabolical web weaved around them. • After wringing out everything from the carcass of the customer, focus returns to finding more potential prospects.

  5. Factors of a Sales Department • Structure orientation - Pick what focus would be more profitable. Usually, it is either customer oriented or product oriented. • Customer-oriented - Organized by type of customer to deal with. Being more familiar with the target audience can make it easier to find what would appeal to them more. • Product-oriented - Organized by type of product. Being more familiar with the product makes it easier to show the appeal of the product.

  6. Factors of a Sales Department • Span of control - Putting limits on the control one has can allow them to focus on their specialized work. • job complexity – difficulty determines how many people/departments are needed, how specialized departments are to be as well as other factors. • job scope – The preparation needed and how specialized the department is to be decided by this. • necessary interaction – Decides how teams are to be placed and organized.

  7. Factors of a Sales Department • Span of control - Putting limits on the control one has can allow them to focus on their specialized work. • salesperson experience – Decides the space to be used for training and supervising. • salesperson personality – The grouping of staff is dependent on how well workers work with another and how comfortable they are with interaction or isolation. • sales manager experience – Determines the tree of control. How much will be under each? How many departments will be between them and other workers?

  8. Factors of a Sales Department • Organize self-managed teams • They must be: • small enough in number • complementary skills of each person • meaningful purpose • specific goal and objectives • clear working approach and decision process • sense of mutual accountability

  9. Sample Department Structure

  10. Sample Deliverables of Sales:Feature Films • NTSC Digital Betacam master of film • PAL Digital Betacam master of film • DA88 5.1 stereo final mix master for DVD – this must be conformed in perfect synchronization complete with matching continuous time code to the Digi Beta PAL 16/9 masters above • DA88 6-track 5.1 stereo digital music + effects master (configured as left / center / right / left surround / right surround / sub-woofer.) Effects must be comprehensively filled. Any contentious dialogue/vocals/songs etc that may be required for foreign dubbing should be on a separate track alongside a separate guide dialogue track. • DAT stereo mixdown of all source & score music recorded in the film. This must be in its raw original form - i.e. without any fades / dips etc. PLUS a fully detailed inlay card listing music titles; number; running times, etc. • Among others(There were 44 items in the sample list)

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