solid modelling internals l.
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Solid-Modelling-Internals. The modeller. GUI. .stl. The Husk. .sldprt. Geometry Kernel. .sat. Basic Components. GUI -provides a rendering/viewing facilities. Provides modelling ease Husk -Implements operations, controls and manages the parametrization and the solid

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the modeller
The modeller



The Husk


Geometry Kernel


basic components
Basic Components
  • GUI-provides a rendering/viewing facilities. Provides modelling ease
  • Husk-Implements operations, controls and manages the parametrization and the solid
  • Kernel-maintains the basic geometry. Answers geometric queries posed by the husk.
post modeller analysis husks
Post-Modeller Analysis Husks

In this case: Curvature Analysis

gssl husks
GSSL Husks
  • AFR/FeatureWorks
  • CFL/Blend Recognition and Suppression
  • CollabView
  • CAMWorks

The Husk-Kernel Interface is very important

the gui
  • Present a Co-ordinate system
  • Make selection and design of entities easy
  • Provide interfaces to down-stream analysis

and recently

  • Provide for collaborative design!

GUI can make-or-break

the husk front office
The HuskFront Office
  • Implements Operations (gets it done from the kernel).


-extract parameters and use kernel operations

  • Maintains design tree and modifications and alerts user!

-maintains the sequence and dependence of the operations

-maintains parameter consistency

the husk back office
The HuskBackOffice
  • Maintains relationships between geometric entities

-such as between counter-bores/assemblies

-across features

  • Re-sequences operations

-roll-back and re-do

-record such inter-dependency

implements operations
Implements operations….
  • Takes the scribe and prepares the Cylinder.
  • Subtracts the cylinder
maintains and updates design tree
Maintains and updates design tree…..

Deepen the hole

Alert The User!!

relationships between geometric quantities
Relationships between geometric quantities….

Counter-Bore Holes

Maintain co-axiality of the two cylinder axes

re sequences operations
Re-sequences operations

Desired Husk Operation.

  • Kernel Operation
  • Blend the edge first.
  • Thendo the boss
  • Maintains the solid as faces/edges/vertices
  • Implements operations such as booleans, offsets, and even blends
  • Supplies answers to geometric queries
routine operations
  • Booleans
  • blends
a typical query
A typical Query…

Does the curve C2 on face F intersect the curve C1?

another query from a cam husk
Another query from a CAM husk
  • What is the distance between faces S and S’?


CAM picture

Can the ball cutter go in?


kernel operations
Kernel Operations

Kernel typical APIs:

  • Is this point on this face?
  • Find the closest point to p on surface S
  • Intersect solids B1 and B2
  • Compute tangents
the b rep of a solid
The B-Rep of a solid
  • Boundary of a solid as a closed surface.
  • Inside/Outside and a outward normal
  • Surface composed as a collection of faces/edges/vertices




basic entities
Face-the 2d-fragment of a surface.

Edge-the 1d fragment of a curve

Co-edge-edge as an element of a face

Vertex-0d element of design space.

All quantities in design space



- combinatorial or topological

- parametric or geometric

Basic Entities
  • Adjacency relationships between face/edge/vertices
  • Orientation

All objects here have the same topology.

topology cont
Topology cont.
  • Face-a collection of loops
  • Loops-sequence of signed edges
  • Edge-ordered pair of vertices
  • Vertices-just a Set
applications of topology
Applications of Topology

Husk: check topology! And alert user.

applications of topology ii
Applications of Topology-II

Kernel:Helps in sequencing intersections.

If F intersects F2 boundary along e1, then F1 is next.

wrap up
  • The GUI-Husk-Kernel trichotomy
  • Husk-as the legislative body of operations
  • Kernel-as the executive body

Kernel Representation:


Topology Details