the push for democracy n.
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The Push for Democracy

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The Push for Democracy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Push for Democracy
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  1. The Push for Democracy

  2. The Colonial Government : this meant that Britain appointed the people who had the power to make decisions in the colonies In each colony there was a governor and members of the colony’s governing councils Each colony also had an assembly which was elected by people living in the colonies The assembly had less power than the governor and the councils The assembly could not make decisions for the colony, it could only advise the governor and councils Who had power in British North America?

  3. Who has power in a democracy? Voters Voters elect the people who have decision-making authority This means that voters have a lot of power They choose the decision makers who reflect their values and attitudes

  4. What did the reformers want? Question: What’s a reformer? The reformers wanted to change the government of BNA They wanted complete authority to make the decisions that affected their own lives

  5. More on the reformers…. Some reformers advocated changing the power structure of government while maintaining ties to Britain Other reformers advocated ending British rule all together and establishing a republic -all reformers wanted voters to have more power