so you know i want running with snizzers n.
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So You Know I Want Running With Snizzers

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So You Know I Want Running With Snizzers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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So You Know I Want Running With Snizzers. By Brittany Lynn Hagedorn. Please hold all questions until the end. Running With ‘Snizzers’. Snizzers Is . . . A Thoroughbred X Quarter horse (Appendix ). 16.1 hands. About 7 y ears old. $3,750. Dapple/Flea Bitten Gray. Too Much Money?.

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Quarter horse

(Appendix )

16.1 hands

About 7 years old


Dapple/Flea Bitten Gray

too much money
TooMuch Money?

Horses are a lot

of money but I’m

willing to help out.

I can get a job.

Let Rich use him in

some lessons

Family can chip in for expenses such as board and vet


By me getting a job I will be able to pay for his shoes.

Family members who are willing to chip in, it can be for board and vet and insurance.

“I think everyone chipping in for Snizzers is a great idea, we can do that.”

- Shanette and Uncle Billy


Silver Horseshoe Stables.

    • 350 Wolf Harbor Road, Milford, CT


    • Includes turn out, feed, mucking out of the stall, care when going away

Around June –

Going up to

$550 a month

We can always look into other cheaper barns


Glendale Farms

230 Herbert Street, Milford CT


$360/ month for a stall

$275/ month for no stall outside with a shelter



    • $300.00 for shots
    • needed every 12 months
  • Ferrier
    • $140.00
    • Needed every 9-ish weeks

So far he doesn’t like it at Westbrook Hunt Club. Not many of our horses do. He may act differently with me as he did at the hunters pace.

He can be ridden english or western

While at Silver Horseshoe Stables he has not once came close to being sick.

Yes, he has been lame but all

He needed was some stall rest

He was amazing at the hunters pace for me – while for another not so much


If you think by having Running With Snizzers or any other horse will interfere with my school work….

Your wrong!

You know that I’ve had honors since sixth grade. What makes you think It will change? School is and will be my number 1 priority.

I will still have honors every marking period

Homework will be completed before 8pm

If I need to stay after I will – no questions.

daily schedule
Daily Schedule

School Days


Weekends will be a day to spend with my horse. That is when I’m not working. I plan on finding a job to work at on the weekends and on vacations to help support some of my horse and my gas and insurance on a car.

Right after school I will go to the barn. Mom or Dad can pick me up after they get out of work ( until I have a car). Homework will be done right when I get home. Dinner and shower will be fit in.

horse shows
Horse shows

Horse shows will not be happening for a while. They cost a lot of money. I will not expect to go to horse shows. If I have extra money then we will talk. If I get Snizzers I will immediately drop out of the March 29th Westbrook Hunt Club show. Also by dropping out of the show and not showing for a while leaves the money I was to use for a new show jacket and the sale of the old one to be used for other things needed for Snizzers such as blankets.


Johnson And Wales

Located in Providence, Rhode Island, this college has been running a successful equine program since 1914. In the Johnson and Wales equine promanaging horse farms, horse shows, or an equine-related business to positions as a riding instructor or horse trainer, opportunities in the specialized equine industry are expanding. Their equine programs combine equine academic courses to hands on horse management skills with business and general studies courses. Some of the breeds this college uses for schooling are: Dutch Warmbloods, Hanoverians, Swedish Warmbloods, Holsteiners, Thoroughbreds, Trakehners, Quarter Horses, and Morgans. Tuition is $22,149, but scholarships are available.


Averett University

Averett University is located in Virginia and has been running successfully since 1859. Students in the equestrian studies program have the opportunity to attend clinics, workshops and seminars in addition to classes. Participation in shows, intercollegiate competitions, combined tests, horse trials, trek, and drill-rides is also available. Possible careers include equine insurance; pharmaceutical or equipment sales; design and/or construction of barns, courses, or facilities; equine massage; chiropractic; tourism; training; teaching; equine journalism; ownership/management of tack or feed stores; and racing, showing, boarding, or breeding stables. There are many stables around the university, making it possible to bring your own horse. Averett awards $16.8 million annually in financial aid and scholarships. 96% of traditional program students benefit from financial aid. Their average scholarship package lowers the cost of attending our four-year program by almost 40%


Midway College

Midway College has been up and running since 1847 and is located in Midway, Kentucky. Midway College boasts a long tradition of excellence in equine education with degrees designed to prepare students for leadership in the equine industry. Ideally located in the heart of Bluegrass horse country, Midway College ’s equine facilities encompass nearly 170 acres of farmland and include two large modern indoor arenas, an outdoor riding area, 32 stalls and approximately 70 horses. In addition to the instruction of recognized industry professionals in the classroom and laboratories, students pursuing Equine Studies degrees gain the advantage of contact with area experts in the industry, who present educational clinics and lectures, assist in placement of interns and graduates and serve as equine advisory committee members to the college. Equine Studies graduates will be prepared to pursue careers in any number of equine-related fields including, but not limited to, farm management, equine event planning, equine office management, equine insurance, equine law, humane investigation, extension services, horse training, teaching equitation, equine assisted learning, veterinary medicine, equine therapy and equine research. Students with a major in Equine Studies will: Possess the practical horse experience and technical background necessary to gain employment on a horse farm, recall facts regarding the horse industry that are important for horse care, farm operations, management, marketing and legal issues, be able to recall important information regarding horse health, anatomy and physiology, horse evaluation, as well as equine nutrition and metabolism, and have general business skills in accounting, management information systems, records management, organizational structure and communication. Scholarships are available for Midway.


I know once we get him you all will love him too!

If you got me him I would literally be the happiest girl in the world. He means everything to me and he already has a chunk of my heart and its just a bit empty because he isn't there permanently. I've never been as happy as I am when I'm with him. I rather be with him than anyone.


I bet you are thinking well you still need insurance for the horse. I talked to some of the boarders at s.h.s and they say its not totally necessary to get it. Although you might still want it so, I have started looking into that. Here are some websites you can take a look at.