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Judging A Play. Writing Informed, Useful Evaluations of Dramatic Works. There are many elements to consider when evaluating a play. Turn to page 1152 in Book Three Also, remember that theaters impose some conventions. Classic Greek Theater uses a CHORUS

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Judging a play

Judging A Play

Writing Informed, Useful Evaluations of Dramatic Works

Evaluating a play

Evaluating a Play

Aspects for critique

  • How well does the play fulfill its own conventions?

    • If the play is a tragedy that wants you to feel for the protagonist, has it done that?

  • Are the main characters fully rounded and believable?

    • Do their actions follow from their personalities? Does the play rely on some deus ex machina device?

  • What is the theme?

    • Is it universal? How easy is it to apply to the real world outside of the play?

Aspects for Critique

Aspects for critique1

  • What are your own reactions?

    • It is impossible to truthfully judge a work without involving our own reaction to it.

  • Be careful to distinguish a production from the play itself.

    • It is important to distinguish between direction, acting, setting, etc that are elements of production and the script itself.

Aspects for Critique

Checklist for evaluation

  • What type of play is it?

  • What are the conventions of this type of play?

  • How well does the play fulfill those conventions?

  • Are the main characters fully realized?

  • Do their actions follow from their personalities, or do the actions seem imposed on them?

  • Do any symbols stand out? What are their meanings?

  • What emotion does the play evoke?

  • What is the play’s theme? Is it universal?

Checklist for Evaluation