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Unique & Amazing Garage Plans PowerPoint Presentation
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Unique & Amazing Garage Plans

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Unique & Amazing Garage Plans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unique & Amazing Garage Plans

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  2. Are you thinking about building a garage? It’s a common problem of getting storage space nowadays. Garage space not only houses the cars but it also stores other household stuff. To construct a garage you should have a better plan according to your need. A good designer will design your garage according to your suggestions and request. You can have different types of garage which can house one car to several cars depending upon your choice and need. A well planned garage serves your need of housing cars and storage room.

  3. KEY AREAS TO CONSIDER Here are the key areas to consider: 1. How big do you want the Garage to be? 2. What type of Roof do you want? 3. Where and How many Doors & Windows? 4. What parts are you going to Subcontract? 5. Building a garage Attached or Detached to your house?

  4. DETERMINING YOUR NEEDS The first and foremost step of planning a garage is to decide how much money you wish to invest in this project.

  5. DETERMINING THE SIZE OF THE GARAGE Do you want to determine the size of the garage? Simply follow the thumb rule to build bigger when in doubts. As you do not know what would be your needs in coming 5 or 10 years from now, you will appreciate having extra storage space for bikes, gardening tools and sports equipments.

  6. DESIGNING THE PLANS Next is to get an expert who helps you to design the construction plans. The designer will take care of every single measurement, so that it should complement the house. In designing the plan of garage, the expert should take care of small things like the garage does not clash with house. It should match with house & its architecture.

  7. OBTAINING THE BUILDING PERMIT Now it’s time to connect your garage to an electrical power utility and water supply. For all this you have obtain the building permit. After the construction of the garage you local inspector would examine the construction.

  8. PLANNING FINANCING AND CONSTRUCTION Your finance must be carefully planned since making a garage needs hefty investment. If you decide to get loan from bank or increase your mortgage payments, you should be able to get clear picture of finance options you have for making the garage. A good finance planning will keep you away from stress.

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