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Built Your Own Desired Garage Plan with Behm Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Built Your Own Desired Garage Plan with Behm Design

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Built Your Own Desired Garage Plan with Behm Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Built Your Own Desired Garage Plan with Behm Design

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  2. A garage is not only used to shelter your cars, but to help you out with extra space which cannot be kept at home. Planning a garage can be a difficult task especially when you are confronted with several considerations like the type of garage plans, the size, design etc. A perfect plan complete with step-by-step tips, illustrations, and instructions, can make the task of building a garage easier.


  4. ONE CAR GARAGE PLANS If you are building a small garage for just one car or vehicle, one car garage plan are by far the most easiest and affordable to find even on short notice. You can make one car garage plan according to your vehicle space. A one car garage plan works for only to park one car at a time but you can also store some of your things or tools in it.

  5. TWO CAR GARAGE PLANS An idea of having a two car garage plan is best for someone who owns a single car or two cars. You can park the two cars at a single time. It will increase your property value. You can also use it to store heavy tools. If you don’t have the second car then you can use that space as a playroom or study room for your children.

  6. THREE CAR GARAGE PLANS Three Car garage plans are little big in size and styles than one or two car garage plans. You can also use it for office purposes, workshop, and play house for your children. Three car garage plans is in trend and it gives modern look to your house. You can also use it as an income source by letting people use the games for money.

  7. FOUR CAR GARAGE PLANS Four car garage plans is huge in size and area more than three car garage plan. You can also use it as an apartment instead of parking cars. You can also use it as a mini restaurant or mini bar for your customers. It will not just enhance the value of your property but will give you earnings too.

  8. GARAGE WITH LOFT Garage loft plans are designed to deliver more than just sheltered. They generally offer a parking area for one to four vehicles and storage space in the form of an upstairs loft. The loft area is usually accessed by a pull down stairs.

  9. APARTMENT GARAGE PLANS The garage plans with apartment adds value to a home and allow homeowners to creatively expand their living space. The plans in this collection are suited to meet the needs of people who wanted to spend quality time with their automobile, and the businessman who wants to earn a nice monthly fee by renting the apartment to a local student.

  10. WORKSHOP GARAGE PLANS Garage plan with workshop is an ideal solution for those who need extra parking and room for automobile repairing, woodworking, crafts, home improvement projects and the like. The workshop area offers enough space for a workbench, counter or other work surface along with a place to store tools and supplies for home repairs and hobbies.

  11. SHED GARAGE PLANS Shed plans are typically design for storage or organizational purposes. They are often built in backyards or on other small piece of property. Sheds are available in a broad range of shapes, styles and sizes and are flexible enough to accommodate a multitude of needs.

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