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NIGER. Author: Cristian Zavala. MAP. Charts & Graphs. HUMAN & PHYSICAL FEATURES.

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Author: Cristian Zavala

Human physical features

Did you know that, Niger’s population is an estimated13,264,00 in 2005. In addition, compared to the U.S.A is 299,846 and is human. Further more, Niger’s life expectancy is 56.9 (2005-2010 (years) compared to the U.S.A is 78.2 and is human. In addition Niger’s birth rate is 49.0 ( per 1,000 population) compared to the U.S.A 14.0. More,over Niger’s infant mortality is 110.8 (per 1,000 live births) comapared to the U.S.A. is 6.3. Also , Nigers has 3 (per 1,000 pop) doctors compared to the U.S.A is 256. Moreover, Niger’s literecy rate is 29 ( 2000-2006) (percentage) compared to the U.S.A is 86 and is human. Niger also, has 9 passenger cars (2001-2005) compared to the U.S.A is 789. Niger’s total area is 489.191 (square miles) compared to the U.S.A is 3,794,083 and is physical. In cocclusion niger has some interesting Human & Physical Features compared to the U.S.A.


Do you know that the orange color on the Niger flag symbolizes the Sahara Desert? In addition, the Niger flag was adopted on November,31 1954 and has been the national symbol since. Furthermore, the Niger flag uses the national symbols if the republic of Niger, also the 6:7 proportions of the flag make it almost perfectly square shape and the flag uses the national colors, of orange, white and green. As usual the white on the flag stands for purity and innocence. In addition the green on the flag stands for hope, and the fertile and productive southern and western areas. Generally the orange disc in in the middle of the flag symbolizes the sun and the sacra fizes made by people. As you can see the Niger flag is filled with rich facts about it’s history.

Government facts

  • Government type: republic

  • Independance day: 3 August 1960 (from france)

  • National Anthem: ‘’ La Nigerian’’

  • Chief Of State: President Issoufou Manamadou

  • Suffrage: 18 years of age; Universal


Did you know that Niger’s 2 most major religions are Christianity and Islam? In addition, christianity was founded Jesus Christ in c,30 AD Israel. Further more, Christianity has over 2 billion followers worldwide. And christianity has one God who is atirnity of father, son, and the holy spirit. In addition, Christianity”s after life is eternal Heaven or Hell (or temporary purgatory). Also, Christianity practices prayer,bible study, baptism, and eucharist (communion), Church on on sundays and numerous holidays. Furthermore, the Christianity text is the Bible (old and new testaments). More over, Islam was founded by Muhammad 622 AD. Saudi Arabia. Also, Islam has 1.3 billion followers worldwide, and one God ( Allah in Arabic). Islams human and situation and life purpose is humans must submit (Islam) to the will of God to gain paradise after death. The Islamic afterlife is paradise or hell. In addition, Islam practices five pillars, faith, prayer, alms, and pilgrimage. Islams text is Quran (scripture) I Hadith (tradition). As you can see Niger has very amazing religion’s with lots of rich facts about there history.

Animal plants natural resources
Animal, Plants, &Natural Resources

Did you know that one of Niger’s natural resources is coal? Niger has 3 main animals and they are the monkey, camel, and crocodile. The camel’s typical weight is 660-1520 pounds at adulthood. They live between 40 to 50 years. There are 264 known species of monkeys. They give of different pitches towan off danger. In addition, crocodiles can reach 50 to 60 years of age. Furthermore, adult crocodiles are 7 to 15 feet long and weigh 150 to 450 pounds.In addition, here re 3 plants hippo grass, mangrove trees, and baboa trees. Hippo grass grows in grasslands and is very tall and spiky. Mangrove trees are very dense and can survive in saltwater and freshwater. The baobab trees grow up to 25 meters in height. Furthermore, baobab trees can live to several thousands of years. Now here are 3 of Niger’s natural resources coal, gold, and iron. Coal has been used as an energy source for hundreds of years. Coal is also, used as a fuel. In addition, gold is used t make jewelry. Also, gold is used for plating. Furthermore, iron is used to make steel. Also, is used to make buildings.As you can see, Niger has a diverse collection of animals, plants, and natural resources.


  • Airport, airfield, a tract of land or water with facilities for the landing, take off. There are 30 airports in Niger

  • Anthem, song, a song of praise devotion, or patriotism. The Niger anthem is ‘’ La Nigerian’’

  • Capital, central, The city or town that is the official seat of government in a town. Nigers capital is Niamey

  • Hazard, risk, an unavoidable danger or risk. Niger has a lot of fire hazards

  • Railway, railroad, a railroad especially one operating. There are 48 railways in Niger.

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