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Cake Decorating PowerPoint Presentation
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Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating

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Cake Decorating

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  1. Cake Decorating Sarah Crespin

  2. September At first I knew nothing about decorating and had never even attempted to try to decorate any form of cake. My first try was not very good at all. First Attempt

  3. Now I’ve learned a little bit, but still not much. I have learned a little bit on decorating, but I still have no experience and still not very much knowleage. October

  4. November Now I’m learning more of the baking aspect. Since it is a bakery we make bagels so well, so this month I learned how to make bagels.

  5. December This month I learned how to make cake pops and decorate cookies. I’m now getting faster and a little more detailed.

  6. I have just completed my first 3 tiered cake. By now I can tell that I am making a lot of progress with my project. January

  7. February This was the month that my family bought the bakery. I’ve been helping out there, but this gave me the opportunity to learn more of the business side of the baking business.

  8. This month I was determined to perfect flowers. I took the time to practiced a lot of roses and experimented with different tips. March

  9. As I complete my project I am make a lot of cake for orders in the bakery, so I’ve improved a lot. Now I know how to do things like square cakes and use edible images. April

  10. Finals