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Open Enrollment 2012

Open Enrollment 2012. at the University of Florida. Open Enrollment 2012. Open Enrollment -- 10/8/12 thru 11/2/12 PostDocCare Health Plan UFSelect Voluntary Benefits UF’s Benefits Fair 10/23/12, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm in the Touchdown Terrace

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Open Enrollment 2012

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  1. Open Enrollment 2012 at the University of Florida

  2. Open Enrollment 2012 • Open Enrollment -- 10/8/12 thru 11/2/12 • PostDocCare Health Plan • UFSelectVoluntary Benefits • UF’s Benefits Fair 10/23/12, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm in the Touchdown Terrace • Complete elections early; deadline is 11/2 at 6:00 pm EST

  3. PostDocCare Health Plan

  4. PostDocCare Health Plan • Created specifically for Postdoctoral Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows as well as their dependents. • Florida Blue manages the provider network and claims • Prime Therapeutics is the pharmacy manager • Enroll or make changes using paper enrollment form

  5. GatorCare UF Health Plan • UF’s new self insured health plan • Florida Blue manages the provider network and claims • Magellan Pharmacy Solutions is the pharmacy manager • Open Enrollment will be held in Spring 2013 for a July 1, 2013 effective date • More details to come

  6. UFSelect Voluntary Plans

  7. UFSelectVoluntary Benefits Program • New voluntary plans managed by FBMC mgmt. company • Various post-tax plan options available during open enrollment • Plans offer coverage for domestic partners & partner’s children • Enroll online using the UFSelect & GatorCare Benefits single sign-on process located within the university’s myUFL portal Or meet with an FBMC Enrollment Counselor

  8. UFSelectPlans • Accident • Critical Illness • Dental • Disability • Legal Services • LifeEvents® • Pet Insurance • Retail Benefits • Supplemental Hospital • Term Life and AD&D • Vision (Post Tax-plans)

  9. UFSelectOne-on-One Enrollment Sessions • To schedule an appointment: • Go to: www.myenrollmentschedule.com/uf • OR call1-866-998-2915 • An email reminder will be sent a day prior to the appointment • Counselors will provide detailed information & enrollment assistance for UFSelect plans

  10. UFSelectEnrollment & Resources Enrollment Resources • For eligible – Faculty, TEAMS, USPS, Clinical Faculty, House staff / Residents; Postdoc Associates & Postdoc Fellows; coverage for domestic partners • Single sign-on (SSO): • Log onto myUFL portal • Use your UF user ID & Password • In myUFL portal; navigation: Main Menu > My Self Service> Benefits> UFSelect & GatorCare Benefits • 2 ways to enroll • Self enroll using SSO • Meet with an FBMC counselor • UFSelect website: http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf • To schedule an enrollment session visit www.myenrollmentschedule.com/uf OR Call 1-866-998-2915 • Call FBMC Customer Care Center line for general questions on plans, enrollment, etc. • Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST at 855-569-3262.

  11. UFSelectPlan Overviews

  12. UFSelectDental Options Eagles Direct Reimbursement Dental • See any Dentist • Excludes implants and cosmetic dentistry • Choose to pay assignment to your dentist or get reimbursed directly • Calendar year deductible $50 per covered person, waived for preventive services • Calendar year maximum is $1,500 • No cost for preventive services ( twice a year) • All other services you pay 50% of costs above deductible • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  13. UFSelectDental Options Advantage Plus Dental (AVN+1S) – Prepaid Services • Offered by Humana • No claim forms or waiting periods • Offers in network benefits only -- www.humana.com • No calendar year deductible or maximum • No cost for exams-rays and preventative services • No cost for orthodontic consultations, $2,100 adolescent treatment fee and $2,300 for adults • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  14. UFSelectDental Options Elite Preferred PPO Dental (EP 700)-Preventive & Basic Services • Offered by Humana • No need to pre-select a primary dentist • There are in network and out of network benefits available • $50 individual deductible and $150 family deductible both in and out of network. $1000 calendar year maximum both in and out of network • Onlays and crowns, periodontal care, extractions and orthodontia are not covered expenses • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  15. UFSelectVision Plan HumanaVision • Plan combines exam plus materials coverage • Offers non participating and participating provider benefits - www.compbenefits.com • Frequency of covered exams and lenses is every 12 months, based on date of service. Frames covered every 24 months • $150 allowance for elective contact lenses • Allowance for frames and medically necessary lenses vary for participating and non participating providers • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  16. UFSelectDisability 30 and 90 day Disability Plans • Offered by The Standard • Guaranteed issue • 30 day plan includes weekly benefits that begin on the 31st day of disability and monthly benefits that begin on the 91st day of disability. Plan includes a weekly benefit maximum of $3462 and monthly maximum of $15,000. Benefits will not exceed 66 2/3% of employee’s pre disability salary • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  17. UFSelectDisability Options Cont…. 30 and 90 day Disability Plans • 90 day plan begins on the 91st day of disability with a $15,000 monthly benefits maximum. Benefits will not exceed 66 2/3% of employee’s pre disability salary • Both plans include maternity • 90 day plan includes a survivor benefit, in case the employee dies while receiving benefits • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  18. UFSelectGroup Term Life Plan The Standard Term Life and AD&D insurance • Guaranteed issue amounts are $300,000 for employees, $50,000 for spouses and domestic partners and $25,000 for dependents • Plan maximums with medical underwriting are $800,000 for employees, $400,000 for spouses and domestic partners and $25,000 for dependents • Dependents are eligible through age 20. If the child is a full time or part time student the age increases to 26 • Spouses and domestic partners cannot exceed 100% of the employee’s election amount • Employee’s policy (and active spouse polices if applicable) will reduce to $10,000 at age 76 • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  19. UFSelectSupplemental Hospital Supplemental Health Options Policy (SHOP) • Offered by Allstate • Benefit offered at 3 levels, high medium and low • Benefit amounts increase by 5% after the first year of coverage each for 5 years resulting in a 25% increase in the initial benefit amounts. • Guaranteed issue and renewable until age 65 • Plan includes: initial hospitalization, daily confinement, hospital intensive care, surgery, anesthesia, inpatient treatment, outpatient emergency accident and physician’s treatment, at home nursing, ambulance and non local transportation, outpatient diagnostic x-ray and laboratory, wellness and preventative tests, and prescription drug benefits • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  20. UFSelectCritical Illness Critical Illness Insurance • Offered by Trustmark • Lumps sum benefit paid regardless of any other coverage you may have • Fully portable • Wellness benefit built in, pays $100 per insured once yearly • Guaranteed renewable for life with level premiums • Covered Illness include: invasive cancer, heart attack, stroke, renal failure, blindness, ALS, major organ transplant, paralysis of at least two limbs, coronary artery bypass surgery and carcinoma in situ • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  21. UFSelectAccident Plan Accident Insurance • Offered by Trustmark • A 24-hour accident plan, covers employees on the job and off • Guaranteed issue and renewable • Wellness benefit built in, pays $100 per insured twice yearly. • Fully portable • Built in accidental death and dismemberment benefit pays $100,000 for the insured, $50,000 for spouses and $25,000 for children. Amounts increase for catastrophic accidents ( loss of sight, hearing, speech, use of arms or legs) • There is a 90 elimination period for catastrophic accident benefits • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  22. UFSelectUniversal Life LifeEvents® • Offered by Trustmark • This plan offers permanent life insurance with built in long term care benefits • Level premiums • The death benefit will reduce at age 70 to 1/3 the benefit amount, but the living benefit never reduces • Long term care benefit will pay at 4% a month for 25 months. • Restoration of benefit built in • Accelerated death benefit allows employees to withdraw up to 75% of policy amount if life expectancy or 24 months or less • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  23. UFSelectLegal Preferred Legal Plan™ • Preferred Legal offers 24/7 availability to members • Coverage available in Florida only • Loan modification assistance and foreclosure defense • Identity theft services • Most services are provided via central calling center, but formal representation can be arranged via the home office • Members will received 40%-70% discount on predetermined fees for formal representation • Extended family coverage includes spouse, domestic partners, dependent children and any relative living in the household • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  24. UFSelectLegal Cont…… MetLaw® • MetLaw offers varying benefits for network attorneys and out of network attorneys • National network • Advice and consultation, consumer protection matters, defense of civil lawsuits, traffic offenses and document preparation and review are fully covered services with network attorneys and are offered at a reduced rate for out of network attorneys • A list of MetLaw’s local network of attorneys can be found at www.legalplans.com, pass code “6090415” • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  25. UFSelectPet Insurance VPI ®Pet Insurance • There several options to choose from: • Major Medical – flexible deductible, $14,000 maximum annual benefit • Medical Economical Plan – flexible deductible, $7,000 maximum annual benefit • Injury Plan– $14,000 maximum annual benefit, covers injuries only • Feline Select Plan – no deductible, $9,000 maximum annual benefit • Coverage for birds and exotic pets is available • The Care Guard Wellness Plan can be added to any plan as a rider • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

  26. UFSelectRetail Benefits • This is not insurance • Retail benefits provides a portal for online shopping that gives UF employees discounts and cash back for purchases • There is no cost to enroll • Choose to receive accumulated cash via direct deposit or check • There is a $3 administrative fee for each cash withdrawal • http://www.fbmclearningcenter.com/uf

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