Course outcome statements
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Course Outcome Statements. A little something different. History and Rational for change. Current Outcome Guidelines. From the Curriculum Office Website http :// outcomesguidelines.html

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Course outcome statements

Course Outcome Statements

A little something different

Current outcome guidelines
Current Outcome Guidelines

From the Curriculum Office Website

An emphasis on what the students will be able to do ‘out there’ as opposed to a classroom activity.

Recommended course outcome guidelines
Recommended Course Outcome Guidelines

Outcomes should reflect the essential course content. Typically, a course will have one to six outcomes, a one-credit course would likely have few outcomes, whereas a multi-credit course would likely have more.

Outcome statements should
Outcome statements should: be able to . . .

  • Describe what students should be able to do upon successful completion of the course to demonstrate their knowledge of and/or their capabilities relating to course content.

  • Represent themes, key concepts, or comprehensive skill sets.

  • Be compatible with all other sections of the CCOG.

Course outcome statements

  • Be measurable and assessable. be able to . . .

  • Be aligned with degree, certificate, and/or PCC core outcomes where appropriate.

  • When possible, use language that is accessible to a broad audience including students, faculty, external agencies, and the public.

Aspirational goals
Aspirational Goals be able to . . .

Goals which are not measurable and which students may not be held accountable for.

‘Enjoy a life enriched by calculus’.

‘Understand your role in a democratic society’.

May be essential to SAC’s conception for the course.

Are not outcome statements.

Optional for SAC and for faculty.

Feedback be able to . . .

What did you hear that you like?

What did you hear that you don’t like?

What didn’t you hear and think is important?

How do you think your peers will react to this change?