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Lobby and Pressure Groups

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Lobby and Pressure Groups
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  1. Lobby and Pressure Groups Found in Page 162-176 of your text book

  2. Definitions • Pressure Group: An organized group of individuals with common interests and concerns who attempt to influence decision makers. • Protest Group: A group of individuals who demonstrate together to influence decision makers through direct, sometime extraordinary action. • Lobbying: Attemtps to influence decision makers through direct persuasion, discussion, or persistent attention. • Lobbyist: A person who is hired to represent the interests of a group by influencing decision makers in the group’s favour.

  3. When a pressure group grows up to be a lobby group! • “The Little Sibling” • Pressure groups are composed of like-minded citizens who want to influence or PRESSURE politicians. • The final goal is to promote their common interests which usually are regarding • Economic $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ • Medical and health related • Environmental • Religious • Issues of equality “ The Bigger More Organized Sibling” When pressure groups become larger and more organized they become a lobby groups. These groups try and influence or LOBBY against politicians. Ways they try and do this are through, letter writing, one on one meetings, phone campaigns,hire lawyers, radio/tv, protests, raise $$$. Successful Lobby groups have persuaded gov’t to write new ligislation, move airports/industries, control pollution, provide more government funding for research etc.

  4. The Professional LobbyistGetting paid to influence government decision making on important issues that affect the entire country by a pressure group that represents a small percentage of Canada’s population. Pressure groups that raise a lot of $$$$$$$ can use it to hire staff (aka professional lobbyists) and open offices in Provincial capitals. A lobbyist is person with knowledge in how to deal with gov’t representatives and influence decision making. If the group does consistent research and they have the opportunity to offer politicians with facts in hopes to sway opinions. Note: lil Wayne is not a professional Lobbyist Is MONEY what makes a pressure group or lobby group strong? Do you think these groups should be able to make/raise money?

  5. Activism and non-violent Civil Disobedience • 1. Civil disobedience should NOT include violence. • Many world leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King have used civil disobedience to prove a point. • 3. One must take responisbility for their actions. • Willingness to face punishment shows the strength of one’s beliefs. • 2. Civil disobedience is directed against laws that are seriously harmful. • The issue at hand must be very important. The phrase, “choose your battles” comes to mind. • Civil Disobedience: To refuse to obey or follow laws one believes are unjust or unfair; to intentionally break laws to get the attention of the government.