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Pressure Groups

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Pressure Groups. Their role in a Democracy. Aim of a Pressure Group. Pressure Groups do not seek to govern the country . They seek to influence the government to take their views into account when formulating new laws. Rights To recruit members To publicise their cause

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pressure groups

Pressure Groups

Their role in a Democracy

aim of a pressure group
Aim of a Pressure Group
  • Pressure Groups do not seek to govern the country .
  • They seek to influence the government to take their views into account when formulating new laws
rights and responsibilities

To recruit members

To publicise their cause

To campaign for change


To act within the law.

To recognise democratic government

Rights and Responsibilities
types of pressure groups
Types of Pressure Groups
  • When discussing Pressure Groups we can divide them into two types
  • Cause Groups
  • Interest Groups
cause groups
Cause Groups
  • Members are united by the fact that they have a shared view of the way society could be improved.
  • Child Poverty Action Group
  • Shelter
  • Greenpeace
interest groups 1
Interest Groups 1
  • These groups exist to advance the economic or professional interests of their members.
  • Trade Unions
  • Employers Associations
  • Professional associations
interest groups 2
Interest Groups 2
  • These groups can sometimes be described as insider groups.
  • This means they have access to the decision makers.
  • NFU consulted by senior civil servants about regulations concerning BSE or Foot and Mouth
insider groups
Insider Groups
  • BMA consulted by government when new legislation being introduced regarding health or the reform of the NHS
cause groups1
Cause Groups
  • These groups do not have the same access to the decision makers as interest groups. They therefore rely on other methods to influence the government
reasons for the growth of pressure groups
Reasons for the growth of Pressure Groups
  • Disillusionment with political parties
  • Growth of central and European govt’s has meant much more laws and regulations. Therefore people more likely to be affected by these decisions.
  • Success of other pressure groups
are pressure groups good for democracy
Allows more participation.

Allows more scrutiny of government

Important decisions often made by small group of influential people in private

Are pressure groups good for democracy
methods of cause groups
Methods of Cause Groups
  • Petitions
  • Lobbying Parliament
  • Press campaigns
  • Direct Action